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Green Turquoise Gold Ring

Product Code: DSR00846
Stone Type: Manassa Turquoise
Green Turquoise Gold Ring
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  • Size 7
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  • Manassa Turquoise Women's Gold Ring

    This is a remarkably beautiful Gold Women's Ring that is unique and one-of-a-kind created for this one individual piece of Manassa Turquoise. Nattarika carved this beautiful Ring to embellish this marvelous piece of rare Turquoise, it has vines of gold coming up in a flowing pattern which is just fantastic. This is a freeform Women's Green Turquoise Gold Ring like no other - it has a very natural feeling about it and there is absolutely no doubt that it is 100% handmade.

    Ancient Manassa Turquoise - A Historical Gold Ring

    The Manassa Turquoise Mine was one of the first Turquoise Mines des covered by the Native Americans over 2000 years ago. The mine has been out of production for several years now so this Turquoise is very scarce. The Manassa Mine produced some of America's finest Green Turquoise, it is hard with spectacular color ranges which is accompanied with beautiful golden brown matrix. Manassa Turquoise is fantastic in Gold and this is an exceptional piece that will become a valuable and historic heirloom in the future.

    The stone measures : 3/4 inch long X 1/4 inch wide. The ring weighs 9 grams. The ring is a size 7.