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Green Row Style Cuff Bracelet with Broken Arrow

Product Code: BK025
Stone Type: Broken Arrow Turquoise
Green Row Style Cuff Bracelet with Broken Arrow
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  • 7.00 Inch
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  • Classic Navajo Row Bracelet with Broken Arrow

    Men's Large Three Stone Broken Arrow Classic Stamp Work Row Style Cuff Bracelet by Gary Hoskie - Navajo artist. This handmade sterling silver cuff bracelet features three geometric freeform cabochons of Natural Broken Arrow from Mina, Nevada. Great size and weight. Clean, neat stamp work. Stamped sterling silver and hallmarked GH. This is a classic Turquoise bracelet look!!

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 5 5/8", plus an opening of 1 1/4". Each stone is approx : 27.40mm long X 21.82mm wide with 5.91mm dome. The bracelet weighs 97 grams. The shank is 1.57mm thick X 24.90mm wide. Broken Arrow is known as Variscite but is commonly called Green Nevada Turquoise by jewelers and collectors alike. The miner does not sell Broken Arrow as Turquoise. There is a debate among gemologists and Turquoise cutters whether this stone is Turquoise or Variscite. Either way, this is a beautiful, natural, American gemstone.
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