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Fox Turquoise Cabochon - Large High Dome Oval

Product Code: DSC382
Stone Type: Fox Turquoise
Fox Turquoise Cabochon - Large High Dome Oval
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  • You will love this authentic and natural Fox Turquoise Cabochon cut in a high dome oval. It has the water marking that Fox is known for and there is no doubt that this stone is from the Fox Turquoise Mine of Nevada. We have a fairly large collection of Fox Turquoise and this gemstone was hand cut by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company.
    Good old natural Fox Turquoise has become very scarce and it is one of those types of Turquoise that really stands out as unusual from other mines. Fox Turquoise has a special aqua-blue coloration like no other Turquoise so it is easy to recognize once you have seen true Fox Turquoise.
    This stone measures aproximately 25mm x 35mm and is almost 11mm thick, it weighs 69.2 carats and is a bargain at $3.00 per carat!