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Durango Turquoise

Durango Silver Company is the leading foundation for Authentic American Turquoise.. We have spent the past 40+ years living and breathing high grade Turquoise from North America as well as the world. We mined, collected and hand cut well over a million carats of authentic high-grade Turquoise for the Native American Turquoise Jewelry Marketplace. Today, 2014, the Turquoise Trade has dramatically changed as only 2 out of over 180 American Turquoise Mines remain open and produce and authentic Turquoise from around the globe is nearly non-existent. If you are interested in real - authentic Turquoise, we hope and advise you to follow Durango Silver Company to keep up to date and informed of the real Turquoise Marketplace. Durango Turquoise!
Apache Blue Turquoise Gold Ring
Big Egyptian Spiderweb Turquoise Ring for Men
Double Sided Large Tortoise Turquoise Pendant
Elongated Oval Broken Arrow Turquoise Ring
Turquoise Inlaid Drop Earrings

Durango Turquoise - Authentic American Turquoise

Durango Turquoise - Authentic American Turquoise from the American Southwest! Durango Silver Company is one of the leading authorities on authentic, natural high-grade American Turquoise. We have been mining, collecting and cutting authentic, high quality, Turquoise from North America, as well as the world, for 40+ years. We know Turquoise down to its most important factors - we have taken it out of the ground and processed it all the way into finished handmade Gold and Silver Jewelry - there is no other Turquoise Company in America that does this and there has never been another like Durango Silver Company!

If you are a collector or and investor of Turquoise, it is very important to know who you deal with as the integrity of the Turquoise Market has been in question in the past few years. China, as well as other countries, are producing imitation Turquoise. In particular, China, is the leader in perfecting "fake Turquoise" and they are exporting it throughout the world, including the United States. China has the worlds largest supply of authentic Turquoise, but, they also make imitation Turquoise for the costume Jewelry market. We understand this, however, there are individual's in the market place that are sell fake Turquoise for real. This is not abnormal, there has been cheaters in business since the beginning of man.

Durango Silver Company is an leading foundation and authority on authentic Turquoise and we will remain that for the duration of our business! Durango Turquoise has a tremendous amount of informational pages on Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry if you would like to see additional information on Authentic Turquoise. We invite you to visit our TURQUOISE LEARNING CENTER to begin your journey.

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Durango Turquoise - Authentic Turquoise Authority

Durango Turquoise - Durango Silver Company is one of the world premier authorities on authentic and natural Turquoise. We are family owned and run business that focusses on Turquoise. Three generations of our family - all are involved in the Turquoise business. Bookmark Durango Silver Company and Bookmark our informational pages as they are authentic!
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