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Diamond Shaped Broken Arrow Pendant

Product Code: CH157
Stone Type: Broken Arrow
Diamond Shaped Broken Arrow Pendant
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  • This Broken Arrow Turquoise Pendant was made by Crystal Hartman of Durango, Colorado. It features a rich green Broken Arrow Nevada Turquoise stone set in a flowing Silver setting that Crystal did in the lost wax method. Every one of Crystals pieces are unique and one of a kind. The lost wax method Crystal uses is very time consuming, however, the results are spectacular!

    The stone measures : 27.30mm long X 19.05mm wide. The pendant weighs 9 grams. Total length is 2 inches long ( including the bale ) X 3/4 inch wide.

    Broken Arrow is known as Variscite but is commonly called Green Nevada Turquoise by jewelers and collectors alike. The miner does not sell Broken Arrow as Turquoise. There is a debate among gemologists and Turquoise cutters whether this stone is Turquoise or Variscite. Either way, this is a beautiful, natural, American gemstone.
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