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Damele Turquoise Mens Gold Ring

Product Code: DSR00824
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Damele Turquoise Mens Gold Ring
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  • Lime Green Turquoise in 14kt Gold with Colorado Gold Nuggets

    Wow! is what everyone will say when this Ring catches their eye and believe me, (John) it will catch everyone's eyes! This spectacular Mens Gold Ring features an unreal lime green Damale Turquoise gemstone with outrageous spiderwebbing that is outlined with a dark emerald green hue. It's funny, Dillon was in our cutting room the other day cutting a selection of gems - he came busting into my shop while I was making some gold Jewelry and puts this stone in front of me, I immediately stopped what I was working on and made this Ring. Dillon and I love to tease each other as we choose specimens from our Turquoise collection and secretly cut them hoping to come up with a better gem then the last one. We really do have a wickedly awesome collection of rare Turquoise that we have worked hard to find.

    Gold Mens Ring with Colorado Gold Nuggets and Lime Turquoise

    So, I visioned what I would like in a striking Gold Ring to wear when I wanted to tease Turquoise connoisseur's, this is it! A heavy weight 14ky Gold Mens Ring with bright lime spiderweb Turquoise and gold nuggets running down the sides of the ring between the flowing golden canyons. This Damele Gold Mens Ring is a knockout! There are many of us out here that search high and low for an outstanding ring such as this and for some it may come once in a lifetime. The gemstone weighs a whopping 21 carats and the ring weighs over 3/4 of an ounce.

    If you like Damale Turquoise, check out this terrific Damele Turquoise Mens Gold Ring.

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