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Custom Turquoise Handled Damascus Skinner Knife

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Custom Turquoise Handled Damascus Skinner Knife
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  • One of a kind custom Turquoise handled Damascus Skinner knife by Dave Kopek. This custom knife features over 215 carats of Emerald Ridge Turquoise from Nevada in the handle, a brass hilt and a killer old style steel Damascus blade (non-stainless). Wonderful pattern on this Damascus. This custom Turquoise handled Skinner knife was handcrafted in Colorado, by Dave Kopek. Dave's knives are so awesome… They are well worth the price just in Turquoise!!! The blade measures inches.

    The blade measures : 4 5/8" long X 1 1/4" wide. The handle measures : 4 3/4" long X 1" wide. The knife weighs 255 grams.
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