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Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant

Product Code: DSP00402
Stone Type: Sleeping_beauty_turquoise, Coral
Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant
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  • Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant

    A designer shape, this Sterling Silver Inlay pendant features a wonderful geometric design and beautiful silver work. This Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant is the perfect size and weight for everyday wear. This fine piece of Inlay Turquoise Jewelry would go with any type of outfit you wear it with. Each of the fine inlays of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Coral and Fire Opal are separated with Black Jade. One feature of this Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant that really sets it off are the inlays of Sterling Silver. It is hard to describe just how beautiful the inlay work is in this Sterling Silver pendant. You could inspect this fine work of art with a magnifying glass and not see a flaw. One of the things we like the most about this Red Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant is the way that Dick Denne sparingly used the Fire Opal just as and accent in the pendant. The outside of the inlay Turquoise pendant is accented with fine saw work designs. The pendant features a nice sized bale that will look good with a standard Silver chain or an Omega chain. American artisan handmade, this inlay pendant features the hallmark “DD and Sterling”.

    Coral Opal and Turquoise Pendant Details:

    The pendant measures : 1 5/8 inches long ( including the bale ) X 1/2 inch wide. The pendant weighs 4 grams.
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