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Contemporary Opal Turquoise And Tiffany Stone Inlay Ring

Product Code: DSR00650
Stone Type: Tiffany, Opal, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Contemporary Opal Turquoise And Tiffany Stone Inlay Ring
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  • Size 7.5
  • Quantity
  • Inlay Ring With Tiffany Stone, Opal & Turquoise

    Modern Sterling Silver, Opal, Turquoise and Tiffany Stone inlay ring for women by Native American artist Kenneth Bitsie. Bright purple Tiffany stone is the star of this fine Navajo made women's inlay ring. Inlaid fire Opals and natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise accent the gorgeous Utah Tiffany Stone to make a round focal stone in this sterling silver ring for women. The mosiac focal stone is set in a sterling silver bezel and mounted atop a modern sterling silver inlay ring for women. As you can see it has exceptional and extensive cutout work that surrounds the Navajo Inlay work and was made in a great shape that is attractive when worn. If you are trying to diversify your silver jewelry, silver ring, or inlay jewelry collection this inlay ring for women would be a great addition. This modern inlay ring for women was American handmade in New Mexico, USA and is hallmarked "Kenneth Bitsie and Sterling".

    Women's Tiffany Stone, Opal and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Inlay Ring

    This womens inlay ring was made with a contemporary silver jewelry design. This differs from traditional Zuni Inlay Jewelry in that non traditional stones were used in the inlay ring and the design of the silver is clean smooth and modern. The stone used in this inlay ring for women is unique in that the Navajo artist used Tiffany Stone rather than Sugilite or Spiny Oyster shell for the purple color in the mosaic inlay. The way that Kenneth inlaid the Fire Opal right next to the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in this womens inlay ring is a unique idea since it is almost the same color but adds some fire and sparkle to the Turquoise color.

    Tiffany Stone, Turquoise and Opal Inlay Ring for Women Measurements:

    The entire top of the ring measures : 7/8 inch long X 5/8 inch wide. The ring weighs 5 grams. The ring is a size 7 1/2.

    Thank you for viewing this Turquoise, Tiffany Stone and Opal Inlay Ring, maybe you will end up with this gorgeous inlay ring or another women's silver ring from our Southwest Silver Gallery.

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