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Colorback Spiderweb Turquoise Cabochon

Product Code: DSC440
Stone Type: Colorback Turquoise
Colorback Spiderweb Turquoise Cabochon
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  • Spiderweb Colorback Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a spectacular Colorback Spiderweb Turquoise Cabochon hand cut by John Hartman of Durango Silver Company from rough Faustite Turquoise from the Colorback Turquoise Mine of Nevada. This shocking White Turquoise has India Ink Black colored Spiderweb Matrix that will knock your socks off and the white Turquoise makes a eye dazzling gemstone. This is a large rectangled stone that measures approximately 17mm x 35mm and weighs 31.5 carats - it is priced at $7.00 per carat. Believe me! This is a one-of-a-kind!

    One-of-a-Kind Spiderweb White Turquoise Cabochon

    This is a one-of-a-kind Spiderweb Turquoise Cabochon that will be the only one you will find! It will make an exceptional piece of White Turquoise Jewelry like no other. If you are looking for a great White Turquoise Gemstone - this is it!