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Cobble Stone Hoop Inlay Earrings

Product Code: DSE00507
Stone Type: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Spiny Oyster Shell
Cobble Stone Hoop Inlay Earrings
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  • Multi-Color Cobble Stone Inlay Earrings

    Here is a really neat pair of gemstone inlay hoop earrings with a twist. These festive sterling silver and Multi-Color Hoop Inlay Earrings by American artist Dick Denne feature graduated shape and raised “Cobble Stone” style inlaid gemstones. The Sterling Silver earrings are narrow on each end and bulge out in the middle or front of the hoop earrings. Vibrant orange and red Spiny Oyster Shell and highlight these gorgeous cobble stone Hoop inlay earrings. The silver hoop earrings also feature blue Turquoise, Purple and Lime Green Kingman Turquoise with copper matrix, Orange and Red Spiny Oyster Shell, Gaspeite, and Lapis Lazuli. The inlay work that was done in the multi-color inlay hoop earrings is absolutely stunning and precise. You will not find even a tiny gap in between the stones. These wonderful multi-color inlay hoop earrings are sure to add color to your Silver Jewelry collection and a lot of color to any outfit. One hundred percent handmade and hallmarked “DD and Sterling”¬.

    Specifications on these Cobble Stone Inlay Earrings:

    The silver hoop earrings (left and right sides together) weighs 4 grams. The diameter of the earrings is 1 1/4 inch. Thank you for viewing these multi-color half hoop inlay earrings.