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Classic Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet

Product Code: VJ167
Stone Type: Blue Gem Turquoise
Classic Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet
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  • 6.25 Inch
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  • Classic Native American Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet

    A true Southwestern Jewelry classic, this Navajo Jewelry artisan handmade vintage Turquoise bracelet is from the 1960s – 1970s and features a natural Blue Gem Turquoise cabochon from Nevada. The Classic Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet was made with the classic wire silver cuff bracelet and shadow box stone setting combo indicative of that time period. During this period of time in the USA, Turquoise Jewelry was experiencing a major popularity boom and many of these type silver and Turquoise bracelets were made, some good quality, some poor quality with fake stones. This particular Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet was made by a talented Native American Jewelry artist and features a natural American Turquoise cabochon and clean silver work. The focal point of the vintage Turquoise bracelet is a freeform cut cab of natural Blue Gem Turquoise from Nevada, USA. This beautiful Classic Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet would make a great start or addition to any American Indian Jewelry or Vintage Silver Jewelry collection.

    Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet

    The inner bracelet circumference measures 5 1/4 inches, plus an opening of 1 inch. The stone measures : 1 inch high X 1/4 inch wide. The bracelet weighs 34 grams.