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Lime Green Carico Lake Turquoise Concho

Carico Lake Lime Turquoise Concho

Lime Green to Blue Carico Lake Turquoise Concho Belt

Silver Concho Belt with Carico Lake Turquoise

lime green Turquoise concho belt

Carico Lake Turquoise has been around for a long time and was once one of the mines that produced a large amount of the Turquoise for the Native American Indian Jewelry business. The Carico Lake Turquoise mine Produces Lime Green Turquoise as well as blue Turquoise. This Nevada Turquoise mine is most famous for it's Lime Turquoise with light golden brown spider webbing.

In the recent years Ernie Montoya, a gentleman and scholar of American Turquoise, purchased the mine and took our some of the most important Carico Lake Turquoise that America has ever seen.

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