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Candelaria Spiderweb Variscite Ring

Product Code: DSR00835
Stone Type: Candelaria Variscite
Candelaria Spiderweb Variscite Ring
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  • Size 7
  • Quantity
  • Candelaria Spiderweb Variscite in Sterling Silver

    An awesome Candelaria Spiderweb Variscite Ring - Lime Green Spiderweb Candelaria Variscite in a beautiful sunburst Silver setting that you will love. This is a fantastic and rare Candelaria Variscite cabochon in a gorgeous color range with exceptional brown spiderwebbing. We have had this natural and rare Spiderweb Candelaria Cabochon for over 15 years and Dillon just broke some out to inlay into a few pieces of Jewelry. When he was doing this John took the oportunity to cut a few old style cabochons like the one used in this Sterling Silver Ring. You will love this ring as the Silverwork is awesome and the Candelaria Variscite Cabochon just tops it off!

    Quality Lime Green Candelaria Variscite Ring

    You will love this amazing Lime Green Candelaria Variscite Ring as it is a one-of-a-kind with a beautiful and rare Variscite specimen. The spiderwebbed Candelaria Variscite is accented with Silver beading around the bezel and then a wonderful sunburst stamped Silver Ring Shank. This is an impressive Turquoise Ring that will last a lifetime and then become an important heirloom for future generations. This is a collectors item today and it will become an important antique from the American Southwest in the future.

    We recommend this gorgeous limey Candelaria Variscite and sterling silver ring.

    The stone measures : 1/2 inch long X 3/8 inch wide. The ring weighs 12 grams. The ring is a size 7.