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Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded

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Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded
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  • Buffalo Vertebra with Steal Arrowhead Embedded - This wonderful historic piece of American Frontier history is a rarity. The Indians got the steel from the old water and storage barrel bands from the settlers when they came west. There is a lot of information and speculations in many of the western frontier history books on this subject if interested. Obviously, this killed the Buffalo for food for the Indians and this was before the great Buffalo slaughter of the 1880's. I date this to shortly after the civil war when settlers came west.

    The arrowhead measures : 22.03mm long ( from bone to arrowhead top ) X 23mm wide. Vertebra measures : 5 1/2" long X 2 1/2" wide and weighs 126 grams.
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