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Broken Arrow Gold Pendant

Product Code: DSP00133
Stone Type: Broken Arrow Turquoise
Broken Arrow Gold Pendant
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  • 14k Yellow Gold and Broken Arrow Pendant

    Handmade Natural Broken Arrow Turquoise / Variscite Set In 14K Gold Pendant. This pendant features a lightweight hollow back design so that the natural American gemstone can be seen from all sides. This beautiful pendant is solid 14k yellow gold and features a 100% natural Broken Arrow cabochon. Design By Durango Silver Co.

    The stone measures : 34.13mm long X 18.63mm wide with 2.96mm dome. Total length 2 1/4". Broken Arrow is known as Variscite but is commonly called Green Nevada Turquoise by jewelers and collectors alike. The miner does not sell Broken Arrow as Turquoise. There is a debate among gemologists and Turquoise cutters whether this stone is Turquoise or Variscite. Either way, this is a beautiful, natural, American gemstone.
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