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Broken Arrow And Sugilite Pendant

Product Code: CH308
Stone Type: Sugilite, Broken Arrow Turquoise
Broken Arrow And Sugilite Pendant
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  • Broken Arrow Turquoise And Sugilite Pendant

    Have you seen all kinds of Turquoise pendants that just don’t inspire you? This one-of-a-kind Sterling Silver and Broken Arrow Turquoise and Sugilite Pendant by Crystal Hartman might just be what you are looking for. Wonderful botanically inspired Sterling Silver designs surround two top grade, hand cut, gemstone cabochons. The focal point of this large Broken Arrow Turquoise And Sugilite Pendant is an extra large, oval, natural Broken Arrow Turquoise cabochon. This amazing, un-backed Broken Arrow Turquoise cabochon is accented by a large teardrop shape royal purple Sugilite cabochon from South Africa. Each of these natural gemstones are set into this large Sterling Silver amulet with handmade Sterling Silver prongs that shaped like plant leaves. This Broken Arrow Turquoise And Sugilite Pendant was made with hollow backs so that you can see both the front and backside of these stones. This feature of the amulet makes it perfect for stone healing or Chakkra healing. Crystal did a really great job on the detail of this fanciful silver amulet. This wonderful piece of modern day silver jewelry would make a great addition to Turquoise Jewelry or fashion jewelry collection. American handmade in Durango, Colorado USA, this green Turquoise pendant features the hallmark “CH”.

    Details on this Broken Arrow Turquoise and Sugilite Pendant:

    The top stone ( Sugilite ) measures : 3/4 inch long X 1/2 inch wide. The bottom stone ( Broken Arrow ) measures : 1 1/2 inches long X 7/8 inch wide. Total length is 3 inches long X 1 1/4 inches wide. The pendant weighs 29 grams. Broken Arrow is known as Variscite but is commonly called Green Nevada Turquoise by jewelers and collectors alike. The miner does not sell Broken Arrow as Turquoise. There is a debate among gemologists and Turquoise cutters whether this stone is Turquoise or Variscite. Either way, this is a beautiful, natural, American gemstone.
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