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Blue Topaz Silver Pin

Product Code: DSPi00043
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Blue Topaz Silver Pin
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  • Silver and Blue Topaz Pin

    This is a beautiful Sterling Silver Pin with a Blue Topaz Gemstone in a Victorian Silver Setting. This yummi Silver and Blue Topaz Pin has a great and attractive Victorian design with Silver filigree work that is on the edge of a domed or reposed center oval. The filigree work on this Silver and Blue Topaz Pin is exceptional as it has arks and curls of Silver with lots of raindrops or Silver grape designs - it is a beautiful little pin and a great piece of Silver Jewelry that will made an excellent addition to any blouse or even jacket.

    Silver and Blue Topaz Pin

    This Silver and Blue Topaz Pin was produced by Durango Silver Company. Our entire family went over to Bali, Indonesia and rented a flat for over about five weeks while John had several Artisans create Silver Jewelry for him. John took hundreds of gemstones to Bali to have made, from Turquoise, Coral, Opal to many types of faceted gemstones such as Blue Topaz. It was a great time and the Silversmiths in Bali were very gracious and fun to work with. They were eager to create our designs and caught on easily. This Silver and Blue Topaz Pin is a good example of the Silver Jewelry we had created for us in Bali.

    Silver and Blue Topaz Pin

    Durango Silver Company has been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly 40 years and we have went down many roads in the Silver Jewelry business in the past 40 years. John has designed Silver Jewelry for many entities such as the Fred Harvey Company, the May Company, Billy Martins of NYC, ColdWater Creek, the Sundance Co, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and more. Our company has created over a hundred thousand pieces of Southwest Silver Jewelry that was exported to Japan for the Jewelry marketplace in Japan. We have been serious about the Silver Jewelry business and continuously active in the industry. This Silver and Blue Topaz Pin is a great example of our work in the Silver Jewelry business.