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Zuni Jewelry

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Zuni Jewelry

Zuni Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has been in the Indian Jewelry business here in the Southwest for nearly forty years. We have carried Zuni Jewelry for the duration of the time that we have been in business and have specialized in Zuni Petit Point Jewelry, Zuni Needle Point Jewelry, Zuni Inlay Jewelry, Zuni Turquoise Jewelry and Vintage Zuni Jewelry. We carry Zuni Rings, Zuni Bracelets, Zuni Pendants, Zuni Earrings as well as many other type of Zuni Jewelry.

If you would like to see what we presently have available in Zuni Jewelry follow this link!  Also, please come back often to see more Zuni Indian Jewelry as we put new products up on a daily basis.

Zuni Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

As we have been in the Turquoise and Indian Jewelry business for over 40 years, we are reputable! We deal in authentic American Indian Jewelry, both Navajo and Zuni Jewelry which is handmade here in the Southwest. We are also sticklers on all of our Jewelry having authentic Turquoise and being made from genuine Sterling Silver. We hand select every piece of Zuni Jewelry that we purchase for our clients and we back our Jewelry 100%.  You can count on Durango Silver for having high quality Zuni Jewelry that you will love and cherish for many generations to come.

 Also, we work hard on locating high quality Zuni Jewelry that has real value today and well have real collectors value as it ages. The Silver Jewelry you buy from us will become valuable heirlooms that will hopefully be handed down for generations in your family.

Books About Zuni Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has several informative pages on Zuni Indian Jewelry that show the different types of Jewelry the Zuni make as well as Vintage Jewelry that they have made in the past. Check out our Zuni Jewelry presentation page and make certain you follow the links to several other pages we have created on various types of Zuni Jewelry.

Check out what Wikipedia has to say about Zuni Jewelry. We hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you are considering Zuni Jewelry.

Zuni Jewelry

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Zuni Jewelry

Zuni JewelryZuni Jewelry has a style of its own, it is made at the Zuni Indian Pueblo which is located South of Gallup, New Mexico. There are three dominant types of Zuni JewelryZuni Needle Point, Zuni Petit Point and Zuni Inlay Jewelry. To the left is a Zuni Needle Point matching Ring and Bracelet set, notice how the individual hand-cut Turquoise Gemstones are in the shape of an eye of a needle? That is why it is called Zuni Needlepoint Jewelry.

We have created a great informational presentation on Zuni Jewelry that you will find to be very informative, check it out!

Zuni Jewelry

Zuni Petit Point JewelryTo the right is a Zuni Petit Point Pin, notice the tiny Turquoise Gemstones are cut in the shape of a pear. Zuni Petit Point Jewelry can have tiny round, oval, square, rectangle or pear shaped stones set into a cluter pattern of many tiny stones such as this beautiful piece of Zuni Jewelry.

The Zuni Indians have been producing fine quality Jewelry for over a hundred years now and their style is world class. Zuni Jewelry has become a national treasure and a huge part in our American Heritage. The gemstone of choice to the Zuni Indians is Turquoise as this gemstone has been sacred to the Zuni Indians long before they started using it in their Silver Jewelry.

Zuni Jewelry

Zuni Inlay Jewelry

To the right is a pair of Zuni Inlay Earrings.  Zuni Inlay Jewelry began around 1900 and was revolutionary for the time of its conception. The Zuni Indians have been prolific in creating new and innovative Inlay Jewelry designs and have had Indian Jewelry admirers constantly waiting for the next Jewelry designs.

Zuni Jewelers create Zuni Rings, Zuni Mens Rings, Zuni Bracelets, Zuni Pendants, Zuni Necklace, Zuni Earrings and more in Needlepoint, Petit Point and Inlay Jewelry designs. Zuni Jewelry is highly collectible and a great investment in our American Heritage.

We hope you think of Durango Silver Company when considering Zuni Jewelry.


Petit Point Zuni Indian Jewelry

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Zuni Turquoise Petit Point Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has just put up a informational webpage on Zuni Indian Petit Point Jewelry. The article has photos and text about this beautiful Native American Indian  Turquoise Jewelry. We invite you to view our page and check our site out for Zuni Petit Point Jewelry.

More to come on Zuni Indian Jewelry, Zuni Jewelry, Zuni Turquoise Jewelry, Zuni Womens Rings, Zuni Mens Jewelry, Zuni Turquoise Inlay, Zuni Petit Point, Zuni Needlepoint, Zuni Turquoise Necklaces, Zuni Turquoise Pendants, Zuni Turquoise Bracelets, Zuni Turquoise Earrings and much more. We will be covering many Zuni Indian Jewelry topics.