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Tuquoise Jewelry Learning Center

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
Turquoise Jewelry Learning Center
Turquoise Jewerly Education

Durango Silver Company continues to produce educational presentations for Turquoise Jewelry of 2011. We have been in the Western Silver and Turquoise Jewelry business for nearly forty years now and are authorities on the Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry subject. John Hartman, Author and the founder of Durango Silver Company writes new presentations on different subjects related to Turquoise Jewelry weekly and posts invitations in blogs once the pages have been put up online.

You can find my presentations and links to others in our Learning Centeron the Durango Silver website. You may like to start by reading my Turquoise Jewelry presentation page.
If you are a news agency or a private individual that is interested in Turquoise Jewerly, add my blog to your watch list by clicking on the subscribe button in my blogs.
Some of the pages that will be written on for 2011 will be:
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