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Zuni Silver Jewelry

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Zuni Silver JewelryZuni Silver Jewelry – Location

The Zuni Indian Reservation is located 32 miles Southwest of Gallup, New Mexico, it is unique and very interesting – we recomend you visit if you are in the area. You can buy Zuni Silver Jewelry at the village of Zuni and you can tour the village as well.

Zuni Silver Jewelry

The Zuni Indians are well known worldwide for their Zuni Silver Jewelry with exceptional stone work. The Zuni’s generally make three types of Silver Jewelry, Petit point, Needlepoint and Inlaid Silver Jewelry. Petit Point is where the Zuni’s hand cut tiny round, oval, square, rectangle or triangular gemstones and mount them in Sterling Silver Jewelry items such as Zuni Rings, Zuni Bracelets and Zuni Earrings. Needlepoint is much like Petit Point but the stones are cut in the shape of an eye of a needle and this is why they call the Zuni Silver Jewelry made with these stones Needlepoint. Zuni Inlay Silver Jewelry is where the Zuni’s make a piece of Silver Jewelry with channels and then hand cut individual gemstones to fit in these channels, Zuni Inlay Silver Jewelry as well as all Zuni Silver Jewelry is beautiful. Also see Zuni Silver Jewelry by Wikipedia.

Zuni Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been buying and selling Zuni Silver Jewelry for nearly 40 years and we have ran our historic Trading Post here in Durango, Colorado USA since 1976. We have been dealing in quality Zuni Silver Jewelry for several years prior to building our Trading Post and have been known for having some of the finest quality Zuni Silver Jewelry in the Southwest. Think of Durango Silver Company when looking for Zuni Silver Jewelry!