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Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Appraisal

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Durango Silver Company is now doing Appraisals on Vintage Turquoise Jewelry. Individuals who have Antique Turquoise Jewelry should know the value before considering selling their collections as some Vintage Turquoise Jewelry can be extremely valuable. Our Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Appraisal service is very affordable, starting at $36.00 per item. It can be used for insurance purposes or for your own knowledge of the Turquoise Jewelry items value for resale.

Visit our complete page on Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Appraisal now.

We have been in the Southwest Turquoise Jewelry business for nearly forty years. We have been a Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Appraisal service for over thirty years and know Turquoise value like the back of our hands. We have one of the most historic Trading Posts in the Southwest that we built and have run since 1976 buying, selling, trading and manufacturing Turquoise Jewelry. We own several Turquoise Mines and have cut Turquoise into cabochons for the Turquoise Jewelry industry throughout the Southwest as well as for our own Jewelry production. We know Turquoise value!