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Victorian Silver Jewelry

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Victorian Silver Jewelry

Victorian Silver Jewelry
Victorian Silver Jewelry

Durango Silver Company make a style of Victorian Silver Jewelry unlike others. We are from the American Southwest and our style of Victorian Silver Jewelry has many of the characteristics found in the Jewelry types found in this area. Our Silver Jewelry has dark patina in the recesses and it has a lot of dimension in the Silver design.

Also due to the fact we are a Southwestern Silver Jewelry Company, we use colorful gemstones such as Turquoise, Coral, Opal, Lapis, Sugilite, Spiny Oyster Shell and much more. We often use mixed colored gemstones in individual pieces which make our Victorian Silver Jewelry beautiful in appearance.
We have created a great informational presentation page on Victorian Silver Jewelry and invite you to check it out. Click on the link in the previous sentance to view our page to find photo, descriptions and links to other information regarding Victorian Silver Jewelry.

 Victorian Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Co

Durango Silver Company produces beautiful Victorian Silver Jewelry that is unique to other antique or Victorian styled Jewelry. You can see some of our Victorian Silver Jewelry Examples by following this link and then scrolling through the product pages. You will find a lot of nice Victorian Silver Rings, Victorian Silver Bracelets, Victorian Silver Pendants, Victorian Silver Necklaces, Victorian Silver Earrings and more with good photos and descriptions of the Victorian Styled Silver Jewelry items we have on hand at this time. We invite you to come back often as we put up new products daily.

Victorian Silver Jewelry

Victorian styled Jewelry and Southwestern Victorian styled Jewelry is unique in design as it  depicts a style from an era of the past. Victorian Jewelry has an antique appearance about it which makes it different from other types of Jewelry. It is unusual and many individuals that like unique Jewelry really appreciate it.

Check out some of the links Wikipedia has for Victorian Silver Jewelry

Check out our Victorian Silver Jewelry, we think you will appreciate it!


Victorian Silver – Victorian Silver Jewelry

Monday, February 21st, 2011
Victorian Silver
Victorian Silver and Turquoise Jewelry

Victorian Silver, Victorian turquoise Jewelry and Victorian Silver Jewelry – We invite you to visit our new educational presentation on Victorian Silver Turquoise JewelryWe have a rich background in Victorian Silver as our Trading Company originally dealt in Western American Antiques such as Antique Firearms, Wild West Show memorabilia, vintage Cowboy and Antique American Indian artifacts. As we began our careers as jewelers making gold and silver jewelry, we have always been attracted to Victorian Silver which we found to be incorporated in most all of the Antiques we dealt in.

I, John Hartman, have created several lines of Jewelry with the Victorian Silver theme such as old Cowboy Jewelry, Vintage Horse Regalia and I even worked with the Fred Harvey Company to re-create a line of Victorian Silver Jewelry that resembled the Vintage Navajo Jewelry that was made in the victorian period. Victorian Silver runs deep in my veins and today I have begun creating a new type of Victorian Silver with a Southwestern accent. I consider my new type of Jewelry as Victorian Silver Jewelry.