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Tibetan Turquoise

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Tibetan TurquoiseWe have created a great presentation page on Tibetan Turquoise that we think you would love to see. This page has a lot of good information as well as photos with descriptive text describing the photos on Tibetan Turquoise, Tibetan Turquoise Jewelry and the historic Spiritual beliefs of  Tibetan  Turquoise.

Tibetan Turquoise Historyis important to many people around the world for its metaphysical  powers. Spiritual Healers and individuals that live a holistic life should be aware that Turquoise is one of the first gemstones known to mankind and it has been worshiped by  many cultures for over 7,500 years. The Tibetans as well as people throughout the Himilayas have taken Turquoise very seriously for thousands of years as a Spiritual Stone that has many import powers to the human beings.

We invite you to visit this page for your own knowledge and education of the Turquoise Spiritual and Turquoise Metaphysical  importance we have found and how it may have a relation or importance to yourself.