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Silver Jewelry for a new age

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise EarringsA new age for Sterling Silver Jewelry from the Southwest

Almost overnight, so it seems, we went from $6.00 per ounce to $36.00 per ounce for silver and from $200.00 per lb to $800.00 per lb for Turquoise. That is hard to swallow for a business that has to produce Jewelry to compete in a global marketplace. Well, that whats happening in the Turquoise Jewelry market today and the frosting on the cake is a recession from hell that we had nothing to do with.

Anyhow – Durango Silver Company is actually doing pretty darn good these days and we tribute that to our obsession to creating quality Turquoise Jewelry that nobody else has – in other words, we have no competition as we sell our own Jewelry.  Looking to the future we realize Turquoise Jewelry is in the top ten types of Jewelry in demand today and we suspect it will even do better as time goes on. We are currently retooling and developing a new line of Silver Jewelry that is highly calibrated to have the exact weight of Silver that is needed to produce the perfect Silver Jewelry that will be in demand for the upcoming years. In addition, we have set up suppliers of the authentic Turquoise we will use in our new “Durango Collection” that professionally cut calibrated stones for their livelihood. Surprising but we can cut the cost to our clients by more than 30% by refining exactly what we are producing and exactly how we produce it in the good old USA!

Durango Silver Company is in the process of developing a great new line of  Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry that you and the marketplace is going to love here in the USA as well  as many others around the world. By the end of 2011, we will have a new line of Silver Turquoise Jewelry and we will also have distributors in several countries around the world.

Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Blue Silver and Turquoise JewelryQuality Blue Turquoise Jewelry

Blue Turquoise Jewelry is our specialty at Durango Silver Company and we have been producing Turquoise Jewelry with blue stones since we began in the Turquoise business nearly 40 years ago. Our specialty is Southwestern style Sterling Silver Jewelry with blue Turquoise stones made into one of a kind pieces. We carry many types of  authentic, artisan crafted, contemporary as well as Native American blue Turquoise Jewelry.

American blue Turquoise predominately comes from Arizona with some coming from additional mines in Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. Turquoise Jewelry is predominately made in the Southwestern States of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, however, artisans throughout the world make blue Turquoise Jewelry pieces as Turquoise is one of the ten most popular gemstones in the world today.

Durango Silver Company produces a style of Blue Turquoise Jewelry that is unique to themselves. The Jewelry produced by Durango Silver Company, in general, can only be purchased online at or at their Trading Post located in Durango, Colorado USA. We invite you to shop our Online Store and if you are in the area we invite you to visit one of the most fantastic Trading Posts in the Southwest!

See our Blue Turquoise Jewelry brief as our Blue Turquoise Jewelry Presentation

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry InformationSouthwestern Turquoise Jewelry

 We have a great presentation on Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry, Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry is from the Southwestern regions of the United States which are predominantly Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The first notable Turquoise Jewelry of modern day was first made by the Santo Domingo Indians as well as other Native American Pueblo Indians of the Rio Grande regions around 1600 A.D.

We invite you to view our brief on in our Turquoise Jewelry presentation page as well as our Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry informational page.

This presentation covers Turquoise Indian Jewelry, Southwestern Silver Jewelry, Southwestern Styles, Turquoise Jewelry and Western Silver.