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Turquoise News

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Visit TurquoiseNews.comTurquoise News Durango Silver Company has been publishing a lot of great informational pages and we have just put up a new site to promote and bring new news and information to the public about Turquoise.

We invite you to come and look at our new website, Turquoise News,  that is focused on information about Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry.

Anasazi Turquoise

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Anasazi Turquoise Presentation
Anasazi Turquoise Bead

Anasazi Turquoise, Ancient Turquoise, Pueblo Bonito –

The Anasazi had trade routes that spanned the western part of North and Mesoamerica. They traded ancient Turquoise for Parrots, Seashells and other trade items brought from Mexico and California by nomadic trade groups. The Anasazi had Turquoise and copper mines that gave them valuable goods for trade. Archaeologists have found Anasazi Turquoise and copper in Mexico   Ruins as well as Parrot Feathers and Seashells from the Gulf of Mexico have been found in the Anasazi Ruins.

The Anasazi culture began in the Southwest in approximately 350 B.C. and it   lasted until about 1450 A.D. Anasazi people began hunting for and mining Anasazi Turquoise as early as 200 B.C. Anasazi Indians themselves worshiped Turquoise and believed it had great powers for the human that were sent to this earth by the fathers of creation. Turquoise had a major roll in all ceremonies and prayer. Anasazi Medicine Men as well as healers throughout Mesoamerica thrived on Turquoise and made every atempt possible to obtain as much of the gem as posible as it had great powers for their people.

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Turquoise Facts

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Turquoise Facts, Information on Turquoise and Turquoise JewelryTurquoise Facts and Turquoise History is an ongoing study of  Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry from ancient to modern day. It includes Turquoise Articles, Gemstone and Turquoise Facts, American Turquoise Facts, Pre-Columbian America Turquoise, Middle East – Persian Turquoise Facts, Asia – Chinese and Tibetan Turquoise Facts and much more!
Included is information about the history of Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry from ancient times to listings of American Turquoise Mines and beyond. You can find a wealth of information and links leading to additional information on Turquoise, Turquoise Jewelry and its history through this tremendous resouce of information provided by Durango Silver Company.
You can also join the Newsletter from Durango Silver Co that has additional information on the subject of Turquoise. This link also includes Turquoise Jewelry that is presently available from Durango Silver Co as well as Photos of Southwestern Jewelry they have sold in the past.