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Bisbee Turquoise

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Bisbee Blue Turquoise
Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee Turquoise – Turquoise Value

Bisbee Turquoise is quite possibly the most valuable Turquoise in earth for its mineral content and the fact that Turquoise may be one of the most metaphysical gemstones on earth.

Turquoise was originally found in Egypt about 5500 B.C. – Scriptures show that Spiritual leaders of the time prophet-sized that Turquoise was brought to earth by the powers above and that is got its color from the heavens. If you look up in the sky, it is blue and so was the Egyptian Turquoise that they found. Kings, Pharaohs and important past gods and goddesses tombs that have been excavated have Turquoise in them. In many cases such as King Tut, the actual embellishments of the coffins they were put to rest in are encrusted and inlaid with Turquoise. We invite you to read more on Egyptian Turquoise on our presentation page.

Down through the ages and across this planet, different cultures unrelated to each other have worshipped Turquoise and shockingly all have come to the same conclusion, Turquoise has Spiritual and Metaphysical powers that will bring the bearers of the gemstone happiness, good health, fortune and harmony in life. Many people globally worship Turquoise and live in harmony, unaffected by the traumatic turmoil and unrest around the world. The people of Tibet, in general, live in harmony with the earth and you will find Turquoise Alters in almost every home in Tibet. See Tibetian Turquoise.

It is the minerals in Turquoise that cause the sky blue coloration as well as its metaphysical properties. In the 1940’s, the Native American Indians of the Southwestern United States came to the height of their spiritual beliefs regarding Turquoise when Bisbee Turquoise was discovered and brought to them. Bisbee Turquoise immediately became sacred and was coveted by the Native American Indians and then onto other cultures extending to many areas of the globe. See Bisbee Turquoise and

The Bisbee Mine in Southern Arizona has more concentrates of different conglomerate metaphysical minerals than any other known mine in the world. Turquoise is among several other important metaphysical minerals that have come out of the ground at the Bisbee Mine. Turquoise runs in and through different variations of metaphysical quartz and other very important minerals that are worshiped by spiritual mined peoples throughout the world.

We, Durango Silver Company,  believe Bisbee Turquoise is a very important gemstone that is very rare and very valuable to the spiritual world. See Turquoise Spiritual.


Bisbee Turquoise

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Bisbee Turquoise by Durango SilverThere is no doubt that Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most beautiful types of Turquoise that has been mined in the United States. Bisbee Turquoise ranges in color from light blue to very dark blue with chocolate and/or red colored matrix. There is also green Bisbee Turquoise, however, Bisbee  received its notoriety from its rich clear blue range of colors.

The Matrix in Bisbee Turquoise is substantially different from any other found in the world. It is mineral rich, hard and forms unusual patterns when found in Turquoise. Spider Webbing is found in Bisbee Turquoise, however, it is rare. Red Spider Webbing is usually found in the richest blue colored Bisbee Turquoise and is the rarest of all Bisbee Turquoise found. We have also found Bisbee Turquoise that has formed in crystals.

Many spiritual leaders and Navajo Medicine Menbelieved that Bisbee Turquoise was the best Turquoise to be used for metaphysicalpurposes. It is easy to understand once you realize how many unique minerals have been found in this mine. The earth in and around the Bisbee mine is unbelievably rich in hundreds, if not thousands, of mineral types.

There is very little Bisbee Turquoise available today and due to it’s rarity and beauty it is very valuable. Durango Silver Company had the great fortune to purchase the remaining collection of Bob Matthews and his partner Cecil Mickleson in 2002. We have continued seeking small parcels of Bisbee Turquoise from individuals and have accumulate one of the largest collections of Bisbee Turquoise known. From the facts above, this is not a giant amount of Turquoise and Bisbee Turquoise remains one of the rarest of Turquoise types from the United States!

We have created a good presentation page on Bisbee Turquoise and invite you to view it. The page includes many photos with descriptions and a bunch of good reading material on Bisbee Turquoise.