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Turquoise Spirit for Christmas

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Turquoise Spiritual Facts

In America, Turquoise has been brought to the attention of our society most recently. In relation to its historic past, Turquoise has been one of the most spiritual gemstones used by ancient healers for over 7,500 years! The most interesting thing to us is that in all unrelated cultures globally, the “Skystone”, Turquoise is believed to bring good health, happiness and fortune to its bearers.

Turquoise is one of the very first gemstones found by modern man, it was found prior to 6,000 B.C. by the Egyptians. Historic records show that the first Turquoise Jewelry has been carbon dated prior to 5,500 B.C. and these facts are on display in the Cairo Museum of Egypt. Throughout the years since, it has been worshipped by many cultures, worldwide, and each believing that Turquoise was put on Earth from the powers above. Global records show that all cultures, most with no connection to each other, have the same spiritual values for Turquoise which is that it brings good health, happiness and fortune to its bearers. Tibetans believe it has the most spiritual values if it has been given to a person by another.

The Anasazi Indians from Chaco Canyon founded Turquoise approximately 200 B.C. They adorned themselves in it, used it for medicinal purposes and used it in ceremonials with others for hundreds of years. By about 900 A.D., Turquoise from this region had made its way to the southern most parts of what we now call North America and the Yucatan Peninsula. The first Turquoise boom was around 1000 A.D. when the Mayans were trading for so much Turquoise Pueblo Bonito’s inhabitants more than doubled in less than 50 years. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true! There was a major trade route over the Sierra Madre to Chaco Canyon – thousands of miles over a thousand years ago!

The Navajos began making Silver Jewelry less than 150 years ago and incorporated Turquoise into their Jewelry about 1880. For the last 130 years, Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry has taken great strides in modern American culture and today it is seen being worn by people in all walks of life. Interesting enough, many Americans think Turquoise is from the Southwest and just made by Native American Indians. Now we find, the Native American Indians are among the most recent inhabitants to have discovered this wonder stone.

We are learning new things about Turquoise daily and constantly write our findings in presentation pages in our “Learning Center” on the Durango Silver Co website. We encourage you to look at our findings and invite you to respond to our writings with your views.

Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Co – We have been in the Turquoise business for over forty years now, we mine, cut and produce our Turquoise Jewelry with authentic / real Turquoise. We are known worldwide for having some of the finest natural Turquoise in the world today, this is important to individuals believing in its metaphysical powers and collectors alike.

The United States, as well as most of the industrialized world, is in difficult times today. The business environment has changed rapidly do to the information age and it is crushing many people in the wake of its process. There is no doubt, we will survive, however, things may get very difficult before the new economy takes hold and flourishes once again.

If you have a loved one or friend that you think would appreciate or may be in need of help or support, consider getting them a piece of Turquoise from Durango Silver Company this year for the Holiday Season. Even having a small rock that they can put in their pocket to take out and fondle in trying times may make a difference in how they will proceed in their following steps of life. We will be putting examples of natural Turquoise pocket rocks that we have mined or collected ourselves on shortly.

I have written a short spiritual letter that will be sent with each piece of Turquoise or Turquoise Jewelry we send out this Christmas Season. You can view this letter at

All of our Turquoise Jewelry is made with natural authentic Turquoise and has real value, consider giving a piece of Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company to a loved one this Holiday Season.