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Thursday, August 4th, 2011


Turquoise is the #1 specialty of Durango Silver Company, we have been in the this business for over 40 years and we are the leading authorities of American Turquoise in the United States. We have been collecting, mining and cutting Turquoise since the 1960′s and have several of our own  mines in Nevada. In addition, we have collected authentic turquoise from around the world and have identified the qlobal qualities of  this material. Durango Silver Company deals in authentic turquoise and is one of the most trusted authorities for quality authentic Turquoise Jewelry in the world!

Turquoise Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has produced Silver Jewelry with Turquoise Gemstones for nearly 40 years and Silver Jewelry is how we market our quality gemstones. Our company is one of the few producers of  Silver Jewelry that gaurantee the turquoise gemstones in our Jewelry to be 100% authentic and actually real . There has been so many enhancements and treatments done to this stone in the past few years, most manufactures do not know or care about its authenticity as they are only in the business for the money – this fact is not true with our company as our first priority is the quality and authenticity of the turquoise we use in our Jewelry.

American Turquoise

American Turquoise is predominately found in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and  New Mexico. The bulk of is found in Arizona and Nevada. Arizona  predominately produces Blue, Nevada predominately produces green and material of both blue and green can be found in all four states.

Most turquoise mines produce about 10 -20% high grade quality material and the balance in a soft chaulky material that in useless in the Silver Jewelry market unless it is stablized or enhanced to make the material hard enough to use and in many cases it is color enhanced to make it attractive for the fashion market. High quality natural Turquoise is rare and not affordable to the majority of Turquoise Jewelry producers so they use the stablized or enhanced material for monitary reasons.

Arizona Turquoise – See our educational presentation on Turquoise from Arizona.

Nevada Turquoise – See our educational presentation on Turquoise from Nevada.

Colorado Turquoise – See our educational presentation on Turquoise from Colorado.

New Mexico Turquoise – See our educational presentation on Turquoise from New Mexico.

High Grade Natural American Turquoise

Natural American Turquoise of high quality that is beautiful is actually very rare! We have cut natural turquoise for over forty years now and the truth is that out of 20  stones that we cut our company will only use about one of the 20 in our jewelry, however, we are known for having the finest turquoise gemstones in our  jewelry throughout the world by the leading collectors and authorities.

 We have a tremendous amount of information on this subject at and have created many educational pages for your information and enjoyment. This is a very intreging subject to many as this gemstone was one of the first gemstones found by mankind over 7,500 years ago which is well before biblical times. It has been worshiped by healers and entire civilizations such as Tibet for literally thousands of years and it has been used and worn by some of the most notible historic figures of the world in the past. This importantant gemstone has been known for its spiritual and metaphysical powers for thousands of years by kings, pharoah’s and important leaders of people nearly since the beginning of civilized mankind. It is known to have powers that offer health, happiness and good fortune to the bearers of it. We have have a lot of great information on the history as well as the spritual values of this great gemstone that can be found in our Learning Center as well as the sitemap for our website.

Read what Wikipedia has on this subject at turquoise

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Southwest Turquoise JewelrySouthwestern Turquoise Jewelry

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry  is unique to the world and is an asset to the heritage of the United States. Durango Silver Company of Durango Colorado USA offers the highest quality of Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry handcrafted right here in the heart of the Southwest. We take pride in each and every piece we make or have made for us locally by Native American Indian artists. Southwest Jewelry is some of the most popular silver jewelry world wide.

We invite you to view this page as well as many others accesable from our Turquoise Jewelry page.

Turquoise Fashion

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Turquoise and Coral Bead NecklaceTurquoise Jewelry and Turquoise colored clothing and accessories has long been high fashion, even since the Egyptian times. Turquoise has long been revered and named the “sky stone” as its color mirrors that of the sky and the beautiful tropical ocean waters.  Every human being is drawn to crisp blue skies and refreshing aqua blue waters.  This has long been the draw for the popularity of the stone and the color in fashion and jewelry.

 Turquoise fashion appeared on numerous designer runways for spring and summer 2009 and still seems to be dominating fashion. This is good news because turquoise is a universally flattering color. All hues of turquoise and marine blue work well for warm weather dressing, and turquoise combines especially well with neutrals black, white, and brown. Turquoise Jewelry will look wonderful with this years color of the year, Coral.  This can be seen in classic combinations of Turquoise and Coral in gold and silver jewelry.Turquoise in Fashion

Turquoise gives its wear a sense of sophistication and sense of being a well-traveled individual.  Turquoise also gives its wearer a sense of tranquility and comfort.

Turquoise has many uses fashion wise as well as spiritually.  Turquoise is believed in most cultures to be a healing stone. 

As a healing stone, Turquoise is among the crystal healing master stones. According to followers of the New Age Medicine, its powers can benefit the whole body, with special strengths in healing ailments of the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. Crystal healers recommend it for detoxification of alcohol, poison, pollution or radiation in the body, treatment of high blood pressure, asthma, infections, TMJ and dental problems.Fashion Turquoise Earrings

Learn about many more Metaphysical properties of Turquoise

Turquoise will continue to be a fashion color as long as mankind thrives!

If you do not have any Turquoise or Turquoise Jewelry now is as good a time as any to get some!

Shop for one of a kind, American handmade Turquoise jewelry right now!