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Sugilite Jewelry

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Sugilite Jewelry

Southwestern Styled Handcrafted Sugilite Jewelry by Durango Silver CompanySugilite Jewelry by Durango Silver Company is spectacular Jewelry that is colorful and highly collectible. Sugilite comes from South Africa and was mined for many years until recently when crime and political unrest has overtaken Africa. Sugilite can no longer be mined and has now become a rare gemstone that is both a spiritual gemstone to healers and treasure to Sterling Silver Jewelry collectors.

Sugilite Jewelry

We make very beautiful Sugilite Jewelry in Sterling Silver as well as Gold, all is one of a kind as each Sugilite stone is unique and each piece of Sugilite Jewelry made by our company is handcrafted.

More Sugilite Jewelry Information

We have just created a presentation page on Sugilite Jewelry that you may want to visit. It has a lot of great photos, text and information on our Sugilite Jewelry.


Monday, September 20th, 2010

Sugilite Jewelry by Durango Silver CoDurango Silver Company has just created a informational page on Sugilite and Sugilite Jewelry made by our company. We invite you to come and look at our page as well as Sugilite Rings, Pendants and Bracelets that we have available.

Sugilite enhances spiritual awareness, promotes channeling ability and teaches to believe in our sixth sense, or intuition. Sugilite encourages positive thoughts and it alleviates sorrow, grief and fear.

Sugilite is a powerful stone to have around you. It opens the heart chakras and brings them into alignment with the flow of love. It naturally facilitates physical and emotional healing. It is known for creating harmony and opening spiritual energy and growth within. Sugilite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. it strengthens spirituality, psychic ability and channeling. It lowers hostility, anger, jealousy and prejudice and gives a sense of freedom. Psychically, it is excellent for all kinds of psychic and spiritual protection.