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Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs by Durango Silver Co

 Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs – Turquoise was one of the very first gemstones discovered by mankind over 7,500 years ago. Examples indicating Turquoise having strong Spiritual values are on exhibit in the Cairo, Egypt Museum dating back to 5,500 B.C. Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs goes back in time much, much further then biblical beliefs and historical records show absolute proof that ancient peoples in many areas of the world have believed that Turquoise had spiritual as well as metaphysical powers.

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Native American Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

Turquoise was found by the Native American Indians of the Southwestern region of North America around 300 B.C. Historic records show Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs among the Native American Indians of ancient times were were absolute. Native American Indians used Turquoise in ceremonies, as ornaments on their bodies and there is absolute proof that early Native American Indian Medicine Men used the gemstone in their Turquoise spiritual beliefs and healing’s.

Bisbee Turquoise Spiritual Beliefs

Bisbee Turquoise Spiritual BeliefsBisbee Turquoise has obvious qualities that indicate strong reason for Turquoise spiritual belliefs. Turquoise is a sedimentary gemstone that grows in the earth from topical moisture that seeps through specific minerals to develop Turquoise over a period of millions of years. The Bisbee, Arizona is extremely rich in minerals and it so happens that many of them have great values among spiritual healers as well as individuals that study the metiphysical powers of minerals. Most of these minerals that are known to have healing values are not found in any other Turquoise Mine in the world which makes many believe that Bisbee Turquoise is the most important Turquoise on earth for individuals that have Turquoise spiritual beliefs.

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