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Western Silver Jewelry

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Western Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver CompanyWestern Silver Jewelry by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been producing high quality Western Silver Jewelry for nearly 40 years now. We started our company in Albuquerque, New Mexico and then moved to Durango, Colorado in 1974. We built our Trading Post in 1976 and have been doing business in the same location since that date. We have produced Western Silver Jewelry on site and we have also dealth directly with Navajo and Zuni Artisans to produce our designs offsite. We also carry quality Navajo and Zuni Silver Indian Jewelry and continuously work with Native American Jewelers to produce new and exciting pieces for our customers.

John and Estell Hartman were Jewelers and designed Jewelry for their Trading Post as well as many other companies such as the Fred Harvey Company, the May Company, ColdWater Creek, the Sundance Catalog, and many others. We have paid close attention to producing high quality Western Silver Jewelry that is unique and not produced by others. We have also focused on promoting and selling our Western Silver Jewelry by our own means to keep our sales situation unique for our customers, our customers get unique Western Silver Jewelry from our company that they cannot find elsewhere.

Durango Silver Company Trading Post This is a photo of our Trading Post which is located just west of Durango, Colorado USA on Hwy 160. This is the Hwy that runs east and west from Durango to Mesa Verde National Park, it was named the Gateway to Mesa Verde many years ago. John built this building in 1975-76 and the Trading Post opened for business in the spring of 1976. We have specialize in Western Silver Jewelry since we opened and have had many great years in business. We had two children, Dillon and Crystal, Dillon married Nattarika and they work with John and Estell full time running the Trading Post and managing Crystal works at the Trading Post part time and creates Western Silver Jewelry full time.

We invite you to read more about us and hope you will come and visit us if you come to this area.

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Southwest Turquoise JewelrySouthwestern Turquoise Jewelry

Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry  is unique to the world and is an asset to the heritage of the United States. Durango Silver Company of Durango Colorado USA offers the highest quality of Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry handcrafted right here in the heart of the Southwest. We take pride in each and every piece we make or have made for us locally by Native American Indian artists. Southwest Jewelry is some of the most popular silver jewelry world wide.

We invite you to view this page as well as many others accesable from our Turquoise Jewelry page.

Southwest Jewelry

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Native American Southwest JewelrySouthwest Jewelry

Durango Silver Company of Durango Colorado has been producing some of the finest Southwest Jewelry for over 37 years. Our emphasis has always been on quality, we use the highest quality natural Turquoise available in our Southwest Jewely as we have been collecting Turquoise from extinct Turquoise Mines for over 40 years. We have one of best natural Turquoise collections in the Southwest and we use it in our Southwest Jewelry.

The Southwest Jewelry look

Southwest Jewelry has a look that is not found in Jewelry anywhere else in the world, its appearance is very natural looking because it is handmade and incorporates a distinct look found only from the Southwestern United States. Southwest Jewelry makers use a lot of Turquoise in their designs and then accent it with stamped, engraved and filigree silver work that gives this Jewelry its Southwest look.

Southwest Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Many modern Jewelers, such as Durango Silver Co, have branched out to use a marriot of colorful gemstones that compliment Turquoise to add a pazaz to the design and appearance. Gaspeite (lime green), Sugilite (purple), Spiny Oyster (Orange), Jet (black), Mother of Pearl (white) and other gemstones of various colors are used to create exciting Southwest Jewelry

Many modern Jewelers, such as Durango Silver Co, have branched out to use a marriot of colorful gemstones that compliment Turquoise to add a pizazz to the design and appearance. Gaspeite (lime green), Sugilite (purple), Spiny Oyster (Orange), Jet (black), Mother of Pearl (white) and other gemstones of various colors are used to create an exciting new look for Southwest Jewelry.

Southwest JewelryJewelers of the Southwest aggressively change the design of Jewelry on a daily basis which keeps the Jewelry industry of the world looking to the Southwestern United States for new innovative ideas for their own styles. You can see Southwest Jewelry accents in Jewelry being made from Italy all the way to China, but none of these competitors can match the distinct look and feel of the real thing – Authentic Southwest Jewelry, made in America!
In this photo, you see shades of green Turquoise which has become popular in recent years. Green is an easy color to wear as well as to decorate with, most every color matches green which enables Southwest Jewelers to use a variety of colored gemstones to create unique flashy Jewelry items in high demand by the fashion industry of the United States and other cultures around the world.

We invite you to look are our offerings and encourage you to come back often to see new Southwest Jewelry designs as they become available. If you are an enthusiast of handmade Jewelry from the Southwest – Join our Newsletter for occaisional updates and new designs from Durango Silver Company. We also have a monthly drawing for free Jewelry we give away to our members. If you would like to read more and see more photos – View our page

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We are a Southwestern Tradiang Company and have been in business for nearly forty years, we have a vast amout of information on Southwest Jewelry, check it out!