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Turquoise Rings

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Turquoise Rings

Turquoise Ring

Quality Turquoise Rings are our specialty here at Durango Silver Company. Our priority is having the very best quality gemstones in our Turquoise Rings and we really do. We have been mining, collecting and cutting most of the Turquoise that we use in our Jewelry for nearly 40 years.  By doing this we can guarantee that all of our Turquoise in our Turquoise Rings is authentic, natural and of genuine high quality. The Silver work and overall craftsmanship is second to non and our Turquoise Rings are truly world class.

We have made a informational presentation page on Turquoise Rings and invite you to come and check it out, in fact, we are leaders in Turquoise Jewelry education and you can see many of our informational pages on all types of Turquoise Jewelry, check out our learning center.

Silver Turquoise Rings

Silver Turquoise Rings are standard in the American Southwest as Silver has been customary with the Native American Indians since a Navajo blacksmith named Atsidi Sani first learned how to work with Silver to make Jewelry in about 1865. Silver Turquoise Rings are beautiful and have a natural appearance when worn, Silver has been popular by many for many years, however, it has become more attractive in recent years worldwide as a standard in Jewelry.

Authentic Turquoise Rings

Authentic Turquoise RingDurango Silver Company of Durango Colorado USA is well known for having and producing some of America’s finest quality authentic Turquoise Rings with natural American Turquoise. There is a giant difference between the typical machine made cheap Turquoise Rings you see on the market and ours. They are making fake Turquoise and using it in cheap Turquoise Rings as well as other Turquoise Jewelry. Often, they crush up small amounts of real Turquoise and mix it into the epoxy so they can tell you it is real Turquoise. This is not the case at Durango Silver Company, we are very proud to say our Turquoise Rings as well as all of our Turquoise Jewelry is made with  100% real authentic Turquoise and real Sterling Silver. Our Turquoise Jewelry has real value and will become valuable heirlooms into the future.

To the right is a Men’s Turquoise Ring with a high quality Morenci Turquoise Gemstone. You can see this Morenci Turquoise Ring on its presentation page, check it out! Durango Silver Company is known worldwide for having rare and unusual Turquoise that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

 We hope you have enjoyed our presentation on Turquoise Rings.

Silver Rings

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Silver Rings Silver Rings

Silver Rings are our specialty at Durango Silver Company. We produce some of the finest quality Silver Rings coming out of the Southwestern region of the United States today. We have been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly 40 years, Turquoise and Silver Rings has been the staple of our company.

Durango Silver Company produces many different Silver Ring styles in-house here in Durango, Colorado USA. All of our Rings are unique and handmade, we use the finest quality Turquoise in a large percentage of our Jewelry as we have collected and mined Turquoise in Nevada for over 40 years. We cut our own Turquoise gemstones and use only the finest quality in the Silver Rings and other Silver Jewelry that we produce.

Native American Silver Rings

We have been Traders to the Navajo and Zuni Indians for over 40 years and have handled their Jewelry as well as their Silver Rings for the duration of this time. We have always seeked the highest quality Native American Jewelry and continue today to deal in special Silver Rings from the Native American Artisans in this region.

Silver Rings from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is a family owned and run business located in Durango, Colorado USA. Our entire family are Jewelers that each do a different type of Silver Jewelry design. We all participate in making Silver Rings as it is one of the staples of our company and we sell a lot of Rings.

Turquoise Silver Rings are our favorite as we love Turquoise, mine it, collect it and cut most every Turquoise gemstone we use in our Silver Jewelry as well as the Jewelry we have made for us by the Native American Artisans. Our Turquoise Silver Rings are truely some of the most unique and quality Silver Rings coming out of the Southwest today.

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Silver Turquoise Jewelry

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Silver Turquoise Jewelry Information and PhotosSilver Turquoise Jewelry has been made worldwide for thousands of years and over 125 years in the United States. We have written an article on Durango Silver Companies website at Silver Turquoise Jewelry, it has a lot of great information and photos on Turquoise Jewelry, Turquoise Rings, Turquoise Bracelets and more. We have a lot of other great aricles on Turquoise Jewelry as well as American Turquoise in our Learning Center as well.
Check out our educational information on Silver Turquoise Jewelry and shop our online store for awsome Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry from Durango Silver Company.