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Turquoise Necklaces Silver

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Bisbee Turquoise Necklace in Sterling SilverDurango Silver Company specializes in Turquoise Necklaces Silver with quality American Turquoise and quality Silver Craftsmanship. Handmade designer Turquoise Necklaces in Silver are, without a doubt, above and beyond the typical production Turquoise Jewelry found elsewhere. Durango Silver Company takes great pride in every individual piece of Jewelry we produce, we invite you to look at what we have to offer in Turquoise Necklace Silver as well as the rest of our products. View a short profile of Durango Silver Co here!

We also invite you to visit our new site located at where we intend to inform the public about all that is going on in the Turquoise Jewelry industry. In addition, we have created a website dedicated to Turquoise Necklaces Silver at this URL.

Turquoise Pendants Video

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Educational Turquoise Pendants Video by Durango Silver Company

Turquoise Pendants Video

We invite you to visit our new Turquoise Pendants Video page. If you are interested in Turquoise Jewelry, this video may be of interest to you. It is about Western Silver and  Indian Jewelry in the form of Turquoise Pendants. Check it out!

 Dillon and Nattarika Hartman have created this Turquoise Pendants Video for your enjoyment and education on Turquoise Pendants from Durango Silver Company. Dillon talks about the different styles of Turquoise Pendants both Turquoise Bead Pendants as well as Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendants. Dillon shows you Turquoise Bead Pendants, simple bezel set Turquoise cabochon Pendants and more intrecate Turquoise Pendants. This Turquoise Pendant video has good information on many different types of Turquoise Pendants and is a good video for people that would like an introduction to the different Turquoise Pendants available from Durango Silver Company. Durango Silver Company produces Western Silver and Indian Jewelryura


Blue Turquoise Pendants

Friday, February 11th, 2011
Blue Turquoise Pendants by Durango Silver Company

Blue Turquoise Pendants

Blue Turquoise Pendants– Durango Silver Company has produced an educational presentation page on Blue Turquoise Pendants which includes photos, informative text and important information for your Blue Turquoise Pendants education.

The purpose for our educational pages and this blue Turquoise Pendants educational page is to inform you of the different features and aspects of Turquoise Pendants with authentic blue Turquoise that are available from Durango Silver Company.

We specialize in Blue Turquoise Pendants and we feel by educating our potential clients on the way particular Jewelry is made and the qualities that should be considered when purchasing a piece of Turquoise Jewelry.

You can find many great educational pages on Turquoise Jewelry and Silver Jewelry in our Learning Center. Additional Silver Jewelry educational pages we will be putting up shortly are: native American pendants, necklaces and pendants, silver jewelry pendants, silver necklace pendants, silver necklaces and pendants, silver pendants, silver turquoise pendants, sterling silver pendants, turquoise jewelry pendants and turquoise pendant jewelry.

View our Blue Turquoise Pendants Educational Presentation