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Silver Earrings

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Silver EarringsSilver Earrings

Silver Earrings from the American Southwest are strikingly different and from Durango Silver Company they are handcrafted works of art to be worn in your every day attire. Earrings with Turquoise such as the pair on the right are so attractive when worn and they match just about any dress style.

Turquoise Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings with American Turquoise are a part of our lives in the west and you will see them being worn often when you are out and about in the west. Turquoise Earrings bring a since of happiness and good health to the person wearing them as they are very natural looking in appearence.  If you do not have any Turquoise Silver Earrings in your collection take a look at what Durango Silver Company has to offer by clicking on the button to the left.

Silver Earrings Information

Durango Silver Company has been in business for nearly 40 years in the same location here in Durango Colorado USA. We produce some of the finest quality Silver Earrings in the Southwest and we put up many different pair on our online store weekly. We invite you to visit our online store often to see the new Silver Earrings we put online almost every day.

Also, see our presentation page on Silver and Turquoise  Earrings as well as out educational page on Silver Jewelry. Remember to think of Durango Silver for your Silver Earrings!

Green Turquoise Earrings

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Green Turquoise Earrings Educational Presentation
Green Turquoise Earrings

Green Turquoise Earrings

Green Turquoise Earrngs are outright beautiful and bring out the suttleness of the earth in a person. Green Turquoise has so much charicter and Southwestern Green Turquoise Earrings also bring out the charicter in a woman – she glows in natural beauty when wearing a pair of Green Turquoise Earrings! Green Turquoise is beautiful in Sterling Silver as well as Gold.
We love Green Turquoise, we love mining it, we love to wear it and we highly suggest you consider Green Turquoise Earrings. We invite you to look at our Turquoise Earrings Section and look at our Sterling Silver Green Turquoise Earrings.
Durango Silver Company makes a lot of Southwestern  Green Turquoise Jewelry as we have mined and collected Green Turquoise from Nevada  and/or where ever else it comes from. If you like green Turquoise, keep coming back to Durango Silver to see what we come up with next!

Silver Earrings

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
Sterling Silver Earrings
Zuni Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings – Durango Silver Company makes and handles a variety of Sterling Silver Earrings. We specialize in Sterling Silver Earrings with Turquoise and other gemstones. Sterling Silver is a beautiful precious metal that is very attractive when worn and Silver Earrings are a great addition to and Earring collection.

Our company designs and produces many different types of Silver Earrings and we continuously add them to our webstore as we complete them. We invite you to visit the Durango Silver Company online store to view the Silver Earrings we currently have and we hope you will return often to see the new Silver Earrings as they become available.
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