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Turquoise Earring

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Turquoise Earring

Turquoise Earrings

 Turquoise Earring – The Turquoise Earring has been an important item from the Southwestern region for well over a hundred years. Of the millions of pieces of Turquoise Jewelry that has been sold throughout the years, the Turquoise Earring is has been about 50% of all sales.

We have a great informational page on Turquoise Earring – Check it out!

Most all companies that produce Turquoise Jewelry in the Southwestern USA have an extensive array of Turquoise Earrings that they produce. Durango Silver Company is much the same, we have been making many styles of Turquoise Earrings for over 40 years and we still to date are short on Turquoise Earrings! Unbelievable how popular the Turquoise Earring is!

Turquoise Earring by Durango Silver Co

 In the 40 years that we have been in business, we have created many different styles of the Turquoise Earring. We have produced thousands of Post or Stud type Turquoise Earring, hundreds upon hundreds of the dangle Style Turquoise Earring and thousands of the Beaded Style Turquoise Earring. We continuously buy and make loads of handmade Turquoise Earrings and are always creating new designs to have different Earrings for our customers.

Turquoise Earring

Beaded Turquoise EarringTo the right is one of our new style of a Beaded Turquoise Earring. Turquoise Beads have been very popular in recent years and they make great Earrings. Durango Silver Company makes many differnet types of beaded Turquoise Earrings and we sell a lot of them. Our specialty is that we use authentic Turquoise Beads in all of our Turquoise Bead Earrings as well as authentic gemstones of all types are used in our Earrings. If you would like a particular style of beaded Turquoise Earring made, get hold of Nattarika Hartman at our company and she will be delighted to make you a special pair of Earrings.

We also have a great Silver Earring stock as our company specialty is Silver Jewelry. As Silver Jewelry being our specialty, it is natural that we have a lot of Silver Jewelry, Silver Earrings and other Silver Jewelry of many types. Check out our line of Silver Jewelry today. Also, check out our great informational presentation on Silver Jewelry.

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