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New Silver Ring Band Line | sterling silver ring bands

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Hello all,

Native Sterling Silver Ring Bands      We have been working hard on creating a new line of Sterling Silver Ring Bands in all different patterns and sizes.  We have several silver band rings finished that we are proud of located at .

When you go to we will be featuring a new line of plain sterling silver ring bands for 2012.  We are also updating our website with subcategories to make it easier to find different products including our new sterling silver ring bands.  We will be making these sterling silver ring bands in all textures, sizes, and themes.  You will see contemporary designs as well as classics.

Durango Silver Co Sterling Silver Ring Bands

We will be offering a full line of sterling silver ring bands on our website  and in our retail gallery in Durango, Colorado USA.  All of these sterling silver ring bands will be handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.  We will have many of them available in mens and womens sizes so that they can be made for you in wedding ring band sets. We will, as usual, be making our silver band rings heavy duty and built to last.

Keep your eyes peeled to see the new sterling silver ring bands designs as they are put online for sale.

Thank you for reading about our new line of sterling silver ring bands.

Silver Ring Bands

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Silver Ring Bands

Silver Ring BandsDurango Silver Company has began its research and development on a new line of Silver Ring Bands. We have started our online marketing, we are creating our master Silver Ring Band patterns and we are developing a long term strategies and business plan. Silver Ring Bands are not a new thing to our company as we have been creating Silver Ring Bands for almost 40 years, we are developing a new line of Silver Ring Bands of buyers due to the dramatic increases in precious metals, Gold as well as Silver.

We have created a new Website located at which is part of our marketing strategy. We have also created a landing page located on the Durango Silver Website at and will tie this all together with multiple informational web pages that will completely inform interested individuals about Silver Ring Bands. In addition, as we have informed our followers, we are going to share our methods of building an online business that can be repeated for their own success.

Marketing Silver Ring Bands

 As you can see in the two Silver Ring Band pages, mentioned above along with they’re web addresses, we are creating what is called “Landing Pages” that target each “Key Phrase” we are wanting to be listed under in Google as well as all of the other Search Engines, Worldwide. We started our research to find the “Silver Ring Band” key phrase on Google on Google Adwords, we typed in “Silver Band Rings” as our query and this tool showed us how much traffic this key phrase gets per month along with other keywords  associated to Silver Ring Bands.

We now build multiple informative informational pages on Silver Ring Bands that truely help our customers learn factual information on this product that we are marketing. It is important to create legitimate web pages that are of good value for the Internet as well as potential customers that are interested in the product that we are marketing. As we build these pages, we link them together so our clients, as well as the Search Engines, can find associated information that is directly related to Silver Ring Bands.

Producing Silver Ring Bands for the marketplace

As we are serious about our business and the future of our business, we will consciously and studiously create our line of Silver Ring Bands. As we create each Silver Ring Band masterpiece, we will conduct proper business meetings and discussion groups to analize whether or not the design will become part of our Silver Ring Band product line. Once we decide on a particular Silver Ring Band, we must create Silver Ring Bands, that are identical, in all sizes, which will ultimately be offered for sale by our company.

We hope this informational web page on Silver Ring Bands has been educational and worthwhile for you to read.

Mens Band Rings

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Mens Band RingsMens Band Rings

We have just created a great new page on Silver Ring Bands and invite you to view it, follow the link in this sentance.

Durango Silver Company has been in the Silver Jewelry manufacturing business for decades and generations. We have been producing many different types of Mens Band Rings for the duration of time that we have been in business here in Durango as well as prior to building our Trading Post which is located on Hwy 160 just west of Durango, Colorado USA. John and Estell Hartman began in the Silver Jewelry business, producing Mens Band Rings and Inlaid Turquoise Mens Band Rings in Albuquerque, N.M. in the early 1970′s and move their business to Durango shortly after.

Mens Band Rings from Durango Silver Company

John took time off to build the Log structure in Durango which became “Durango Silver Company” in 1976 and has been producing and dealing in Mens Band Rings since. We buy Native American Mens Band Rings form local Native American Jewelers and resale them in our Trading Post, Silver Gallery, as well as our Online Gallery which is located at Our specialty has always been high quality Silver Jewelry and the Mens Band Rings that we carry are the same, high quality mens band rings. You can count on Durango Silver Company for your mens band ring needs and we also make special order Silver Ring Bands, band ring sets, wedding band sets, Turquoise inlaid band rings and a whole lot more.

Quality Mens Band Rings

Durango Silver Company is planning a major move to get much deeper into the Mens Band Ring business for 2012 and beyond. John, Dillon and Nattarika have been actively working on new designs as well as our marketing strategies to include mens band rings as well as many other styles of silver band rings and beyond. We are working with our Native American Jewelers on Silver Band Rings, Wedding Band Sets and Mens Band Ring to develop unique and unusual designs that will be sold by our company only on and off line.

We hope you will stay abreast with our progress on Silver Ring Bands and think of us in the future when looking for your Mens Band Rings.