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Silver Jewelry Store

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Silver Jewelry Store

Silver Jewelry Store

Silver Jewelry Store

 Durango Silver Company has been in business as a Silver Jewelry Store here in Durango, Colorado USA since 1976. We manufacture, buy and sell Silver Jewelry, primarily made here in the Southwestern United States. Our Silver Jewelry Store handles Native American Indian Silver Jewelry and we produce many other types of Jewelry made with authentic Sterling Silver.  We have our walk-in Silver Jewelry Store as well as our online Silver Jewelry Store where we retail our products to the public.

We have created a great presentation on our Silver Jewelry Store and our foundation, we invite you to view and read our Silver Jewelry Store informational presentation.

We have been Silver Jewelry designers for over 40 years and are native to Southwestern United States. For many years, John and Estell Hartman, founders of Durango Silver Company, designed and produced Sterling Silver Jewelry in Albuquerque, NM which is where they began their Silver Jewelry business which led into building their Silver Jewelry Store in Durango. In 1974, John and Estell moved to Durango, Colorado and in 1976 opened their retail Silver Jewelry Store which is still in business today.  

Silver Jewelry Store – Family owned

In the years to come, John and Estell had two children, Dillon and Crystal. They both grew up in the Silver Jewelry Store environment and this business is still very much a part of both of their lives. Dillon continued to work in the family Silver Jewelry Store business when he graduated from Durango High School and Crystal went on to College in Boulder, Colorado where she got a degree in fine arts. Today, Dillon and Crystal both work in the Silver Jewelry business, help in the Silver Jewelry Store and are also working in many other facets of the Silver Jewelry business.

Dillon  married to Nattarika in 2007, she had been working in the Jewelry business in Chiangmai, Thailand and had also went to college in Thailand to recieve a degree in the arts. Nattarika works with Dillon building our online Silver Jewelry Store daily as well as making Silver Jewelry. Nattarika has become an integral part of our Silver Jewelry Store and we are proud to have her in our family.

Quality Silver Jewelry Store

We began in the Silver Jewelry business producing high quality Silver Jewelry from the American Southwest from Albuquerque, N.M. Our love was American Turquoise and this is how we became involved in producing Silver Jewelry which led into our building our Silver Jewelry Store. Early on, Estell and John began collecting high quality Turquoise, they soon began hunting for quantities of Turquoise in Nevada and Arizona and had amassed a substantial collection of exceptional Turquoise. The next step was naturally to get into the Silver Jewelry business to use their Turquoise. John developed a gemstone cutting shop in Albuquerque, sold the medium grade Turquoise gemstones to the Native American Jewelers and had the high grade Turquoise gemstones set into high quality Navajo Silver Jewelry. As time went on, John and Estell continued to produce some of the finest quality Turquoise Silver Jewelry coming out of Albuquerque and their Silver Jewelry business flourished due to the very high quality Silver Jewelry they produced.

When John and Estell moved their business to Durango,  Colorado their intentions were to build a quality Silver Jewelry Store. They worked hard and ultimately John built our Silver Jewelry Store which we still have to date. Durango Silver Company is now known to be one of the finest Trading Posts in the American Southwest and has been noted by many fine publications and continues to be a  leading Silver Jewelry Store in the American west!

Handcrafted Silver

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Handcrafted SilverHandcrafted Silver

Handcrafted Silver has become a tradition in the Southwestern Regions of the USA.  A Native American Indian Blacksmith by the name of Atsidi Sani learned how work Silver from the Spaniards when they were in this region in the early 1860’s. Handcrafted Silver Jewelry soon became in high demand for the Navajo Indians as Atsidi shared his Silversmithing craft with other Navajo’s and the Navajo’s were very prolific in their crafts.

We have just completed an informational page on Handcrafted Silver – we invite you to view this page now by following this link.

Handcrafted Silver has become a large industry in the American Southwest and the Silver Jewelry industry in this region is very impressive. This is one area in the world where Handcrafted Silver truly means that the Silver is handcrafted to make Jewelry.

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Durango Silver Company has been in the Handcrafted Silver Jewelry business here in the American Southwest for nearly forty years. We specialize in handcrafted Silver Jewelry that is really handcrafted! The global trend is making Silver Jewelry with automated machinery and then calling it Handcrafted Silver Jewelry for marketing purposes. There are other areas of the world that still make handcrafted Silver Jewelry but the industry is quickly changing.

Durango Silver Company produces and handles Native American handcrafted Silver rings, handcrafted Silver bracelets, handcrafted Silver earrings, handcrafted Silver pendants, handcrafted Silver necklaces and more. It is our pride that we use authentic and natural Turquoise and genuine Sterling Silver in all of the handcrafted Silver Jewelry that we sell in our Silver Gallery on and off line.

Handcrafted Silver by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company produces high quality Handcrafted Silver Jewelry from the American Southwest. We invite you to view our handmade silver rings, handmade silver earrings, handmade silver bracelets, handmade silver necklaces, handmade silver pendants and Native American Handmade Silver Jewelry by following the links or using the search box to the upper left side of this page.

We are in high hopes that you well view some of our other informational page that can be found in our Learning Center and we certainly hope you will remember Durango Silver Company when interested in Handcrafted Silver in the future.

Green Turquoise Ring

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Green Turquoise Ring

Green Turquoise RingWe have just completed a great Green Turquoise Ring informational presentation that we feel is well worth your time in checking it out. This is an educational presentation that has several photos with descriptive text, we invite you to take a look! Go to our Green Turquoise Ring page now!

Green Turquoise Ring

A Green Turquoise Ring from Durango Silver Company is a special Silver Ring as well as a special piece of Silver Jewelry. We have been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly forty years here in Durango, Colorado USA  and one of our specialties in making Green Turquoise Ring. We have collected and mined Green Turquoise in Nevada USA for well over forty years and have amassed one of the finest collections of American Green Turquoise in the world. We hand cut most all of our green Turquoise gemstones in house and we use the finest quality in our green Turquoise rings.

A Green Turquoise Ring

If you order a green Turquoise Ring from our company, you can be certain you will be getting an authentic green Turquoise Ring in Sterling Silver with a natural green Turquoise gemstone from Nevada. All of our green Turquoise Rings are made in the USA, if fact, they are hand crafted either here in Durango or in the immediate Southwestern region. A Native American Indian Green Turquoise Ring is a great choice for both men and women. Many individuals feel a green Turquoise Ring is a more natural looking Silver Ring and prefer this color of Turquoise for that reason and many others simply like the color green over blue.

We hope you will take a look at our full informational presentation on a Green Turquoise Ring by following the link above!