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Mens Band Rings

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Mens Band Rings

Mens Band Rings

Durango Silver Company has been producing Southwestern style Mens Band Rings for nearly forty years by special order. We are now developing a great line of Mens Band Rings that we will have on hand for immediate purchase by our customers for 2012. We are excited as we have many great new Southwestern designs that we are certain our customers will really like and they are made in the USA!

Mens Band Rings – Made in the USA!

We keep hearing over and over how people are tired of seeing the same Silver Jewelry in store after store, on Jewelry TV and on the Internet. It is true as we have been going to a lot of gem shows and Merchandise shows around the country to be abreast of what is in the marketplace – most of what we see available is imports!  As we are moving into the Mens Band Rings business, we wanted to see what was out there available to the public and we see very little artisan made Mens Band Rings.  In fact, all of the Band Rings that we have seen are mass produced cheap junk Jewelry that our customers would not be happy with.

It is encouraging to us to find that there is a niche for us in the Mens Band Rings business and so we are going to go forward and produce this new line from our company. You can look forward to seeing some great new Mens Band Rings, Made in the USA by Durango Silver Company very soon.

Southwestern Style Mens Band Rings

Durango Silver Company is from the Southwestern USA and so our Silver Jewelry has a Southwestern Style and appearance that our customers rely on from our company. We are proud to be able to say our Silver Jewelry as well as our Mens Band Rings are made in the USA and in particular Made in the Southwestern USA.

We hope you will follow our new project and watch for great new Silver Jewelry coming out of the Southwest from Durango Silver Company. You will be excited to see our new Silver Band Rings and our great new Mens Band Rings – Coming Soon!

Silver Bands

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Silver Bands

 Silver Bands

 Durango Silver Company has been producing unique handcrafted Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Bands for several decades and generations. We have many different styles and types of Silver Bands and in many different price ranges – we have a Silver Band for nearly every need.

We are in the process of developing a great new informational website specifically on Ring Bands – We invite you to visit our new site that will serve all your needs regarding Silver Bands.

Silver Bands for the new age

Sterling Silver is a great precious metal for Jewelry and it is a wonderful medium for all types of Silver Ring Bands! Durango Silver Company produces and handles a wide variety of Silver Bands, Silver Ring Bands, Silver Wedding Bands and so on. We have Silver Bands with Gemstones as well as Bands with no stones at all. We invite you to browse our online store to check out the different Silver Bands we presently have in stock and we encourage you to come back often as we are creating new Silver Ring Bands on a daily basis which are put online.

Quality Silver Bands

Durango Silver Company produces high Silver Bands that are unlike others on the market. Our Silver Jewelry is not like the typical production Jewelry that is being mass produced for the fashion market, we take great pride in creating quality works of art that has a substantial amount of Sterling Silver which makes our Silver Jewelry as well as our Silver Bands built to last!

We invite you to view our presentations and follow us as we create our informational pages on Silver Bands.

Mens Ring Bands

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Mens Ring Bands

We have just created a great new presentation page on Mens Ring Bands and would like to invite you to come and check it out! This page has a lot of informative information along with some good photos of Mens Ring Bands.

Mens Ring Bands

Mens Ring Bands

Mens Ring Bands in progress

Durango Silver Company has been in the Silver Jewelry business for decades and generations, we have made a lot of Mens Silver Jewelry as well as Mens Ring Bands in the past, however, we have recently descovered how much people like our Silver Ring Bands and especially our Mens Ring Bands.

For this reason we have launched a new mission for our company and that is to focus our attention on all types of Silver Ring Bands including Mens Ring Bands. If you are interested in a Silver Ring band or a Mens Ring Band, check out our site and keep coming back often as we will be developing and employing many new Mens Ring Band and Ring Band designs immediately. If you are looking for a particular Mens Ring Band, send John an email at as he is in charge of developing the new line and may be of great help to you, we are interested in our customer views and try hard to respond to them.

Mens Ring Bands by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is known for it unique quality of Silver Jewelry that is different than most and that has a style not seen elsewhere. We only sell our Silver Jewelry ourselves in our online store as well as our Silver Gallery located just west of Durango, Colorado USA. This one factor limits the amount of our Silver Jewelry that is sold, which, makes our Jewelry more unique to the person who owns it.

We will be putting out many informational pages on Silver Bands, Silver Ring Bands, Mens Ring Bands and other pages that are directly related. We hope you will take the time to read some of our pages that seem interesting to you and if they are you can help us get them up in the search engines such as Google by clicking on the +1 on the pages.

We hope you got some usefull information from this page and you follow us in building a new segment of our business, Mens Ring Bands.