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New Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon Hartman

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Dillon Hartman’s Turquoise Jewelry

Gold Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon HartmanDillon Hartman has been making Turquoise Jewelry since he was a small boy learning from his father, prolific Southwestern Jewelry artist John Hartman.  John taught Dillon to hand make Silver Jewelry when Dillon was 8 years old.  At this time John and Estell Hartman had a Jewelry business named “Hartman’s of Durango” where the made Southwestern silver jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry for Cold Water Creek, Zippo Lighter company, and many major department stores.  Dillon Hartman began the process of learning how to make Turquoise Jewelry by helping John Hartman around his silver shop.  Dillon would do odd jobs, helping to assemble jewelry, buff, file, sand, etc. After a few years of learning how to use all the tools and basic skills, John began to teach Dillon the “Lost Wax” casting process. Once proficient in this, Dillon Hartman began to learn how to make basic silver jewelry with hand stamps and hand tools. It was not until 2002 when John Hartman began to teach Dillon to cut Turquoise Cabochons which was the gateway to Dillon making Turquoise Jewelry.

New Turquoise Jewelry

Inlay Turquoise BraceletToday Dillon Hartman makes all kinds of Turquoise Jewelry from Inlay Turquoise Jewelry to old style bezel set silver jewelry and 14k gold jewelry with natural American Turquoise.  Dillon had been on a hiatus making only a few pieces a year and mainly working on and advertising the Hartman family jewelry and Native American Jewelry world wide.  Recently he has been back in the studio and making some beautiful new Turquoise Jewelry and gemstone silver jewelry focusing on old style silver pieces such as bezel set  Turquoise pendants, bracelets, earrings and his favorite Turquoise Rings.  Dillon has been making Turquoise Jewelry with stones from all different Turquoise mines in American and Tibet.  He has also been making gemstone jewelry with Sugilite, Coral, Gaspeite, Silver Ore, and more!  Keep your eyes peeled on for new products from Dillon Hartman.

New Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon

Go to this link to see all of Dillon Hartman’s Jewelry:   Turquoise Jewelry by Dillon Hartman

Power Search Silver Jewelry

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

There is a a new way to search our Silver Jewelry

New Silver Jewelry Drop Down Subcategories

Now when you surf you will find two upgrades to our website that will make it easier to find the Silver Jewelry you are looking for.

Sterling Silver Band Ring by Crystal Hartman of Durango Silver Jewelry CompanyThe first upgrade you will notice is that we have divided the categories in our site into subcategories.  The change was prompted by the large amount of jewelry in some of the categories that made hard to find particular items.  It was also brought on by the diverse selction of silver jewelry that we offer.  We did not want people to have surf through all the Turquoise Jewelry to find a plain silver piece.  We also wanted people that knew they wanted bead jewelry, inlay jewelry, or Turquoise Jewelry to be able to right to that jewelry and see only that type of American  jewelry.  Along with this change, if you click into the main category, you will find these pages have changed and feature a thumbnail picture a button for each subcategory, along with a little bit of information on the main category.

Modern Search System For Silver Jewelry

A great example of our artisan silver jewelry is this handmade Rhodochrosite Pendant by John HartmanWe have complimented our new and improved navigation system with high tech and modernized “PowerSearch” feature.  This new search is smarter and more accurate, so you can drill down farther and find exactly the piece of Silver Jewelry you are looking for.  You can use this “PowerSearch” feature of the site with slang, or keywords to find the exact piece of silver jewelry.  The search will show you results for type of jewelry, artist, by size, or by gemstone.  Test drive it today at

We hope our new system will help you find the Silver Jewelry you are looking for faster.

Silver Rings and Bands

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Silver Rings and Bands

Durango Silver Company has produced Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Rings and Bands here in the American Southwest for nearly forty years. Silver Rings and Bands have been a major part of what we have produced for this period of time and for 2012 we are focusing on producing a new line of Silver Ring Bands that you are going to love.

Silver Rings and Bands

Silver Rings and Bands presentation

We have created two new informational pages on Silver Rings and Bands that we think you will appreciate, these pages include photos and a lot of good information on the Ring Bands that we produce as well as other Silver Rings and Bands from the American Southwest that we handle. We invite you to view our pages by following these two links – Silver Rings and Bands Presentation 1 and Silver Rings and Bands Presentation2.

We also invite you to go strait to our Silver Rings and Bands products page if you would like to see what we currently have to offer.

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company are unique from any others that you will find in the marketplace. The Rings and Bands that we produce are only sold by our company and you will not find them available anywhere else in the marketplace. We have many Silver Rings available now and we add new Rings daily. We are focusing on Silver Bands this year and working hard to create a very special collection of unique and unusual Silver Bands that you will love.

All of our Silver Rings and Bands are Artisan crafted, made in the USA and are high quality works of art.

We hope you like our Southwestern style of Silver Jewelry and we hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you think of Silver Rings and Bands.