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Sterling Silver Bracelets

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver BraceletsDurango Silver Company has produced Sterling Silver Jewelry for nearly forty years, Sterling Silver Bracelets is one of our specialties as we have been leaders in producing Native American Sterling Silver Bracelets, Contemporary Sterling Silver Bracelets and Western Sterling Silver Bracelets from the American Southwest.

We have created a great new presentation page specifically on Sterling Silver Bracelets and invite you to come and view it. This is a great presentation for an educational experiance on Sterling Silver Bracelets as it has a lot of factual information, photos and descriptions of what you see in the photos – this presentation in well worth your time to view.

Quality Sterling Silver Bracelets

Durango Silver Company has been in the Sterling Silver Jewelry business for almost forty years in Durango, Colorado USA. We have built our business as well as our reputation on producing high quality Sterling Silver Jewelry as well as Sterling Silver Bracelets. We have had a Silver Jewelry Gallery here in Durango Since 1976, our specialty at our Silver Gallery has always been Silver Jewelry and we have been very active dealers in Native American Indian Silver Jewelry as well as Turquoise Jewelry.

Authentic Sterling Silver Bracelets

Durango Silver Company deals in and produces only the finest quality authentic Sterling Silver Bracelet, handmade with pure .925 Sterling Silver. We do not use nickle silver or any other imitations – just Authentic Sterling Silver! We invite you to visit our Silver Gallery and view the many different styles of Sterling Silver Bracelets we have to offer.

Silver Bracelets

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Durango Silver Company specializes in Silver Bracelets and has been in business producing many types of Silver Jewelry for nearly 40 years. We own a historic Trading Post located just west of Durango on Hwy 160 which is known as the gateway to Mesa Verde National Park. We opened our Trading Post in 1976 and have dealt in Silver Jewelry including Silver Bracelets for the duration since we opened our Southwest Silver Gallery.

We have just completed a great informational page on Silver Bracelets, we invite you to view our presentation.  We have included many good photos of  Silver Bracelets with descriptive text for your education on this subject.

Silver Bracelets

Native American Silver Bracelets

 We produce Silver Jewelry here in Durango and we also buy Southwestern Silver Jewelry from artisans located in the Southwest. Silver Bracelets and Turquoise Silver Bracelets have always been a big part of our Silver Jewelry inventory as they sell well for us.

Our gemstone of choice is Turquoise, we have collected, mined and cut Turquoise for over 40 years. Our company is known for having some of the finest Turquoise in the world as well as some of the finest Turquoise Silver Bracelets coming out of the Southwestern USA today.

Silver Bracelets

We constantly add new Bracelets to our inventory in our online store, if you are interested in a quality Silver Bracelet, we suggest you come back and check for new items that we have added often. If you are looking for something in particular, email Dillon@DurangoSilver.comor call him at 970 375-2401, Dillon is very Knowledgeableand will be happy to work with you and go through the different types of Silver Bracelets we can provide.

Silver Gallery

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Silver Gallery

The Durango Silver Gallery operated by Durango Silver Company of Durango, Colorado USA has been in business for nearly 40 years. It is located 3.5 west of Durango’s city center on Hwy 160, which is the gateway to Mesa Verde National Park. We have just completed a presentation page on our Silver Gallery that we think you will enjoy, we invite you to read our story on our Silver Gallery. We have been Silver Jewelry manufacturers and have produced some of the finest Silver Jewelry that has come out of the Southwest in the past 40 years. We actually have two Silver Galleries, one is our brick and Mortar Trading Post that John Hartman built in 1975 and the other is our online Gallery that John, Dillon and Nattarika Hartman have been continuously working on for the past several years.

Durango Silver Gallery

The Durango Silver Gallery is quite unique from other Silver Jewelry Galleries as it is family owned and run. We make most of the Silver Jewelry that we show and sell and the balance of our Silver Jewelry is handmade by Native American Artisans in the local Southwest area of the United States in which we live.

silver gallery This is a photo of our Silver Gallery in Durango, Colorado USA! It is actually a historic monument as we have been in business at the same location for most of the years we have been in the Silver Jewelry business. We have an unusual Deer Antler Arch that has been out front of the Silver Gallery since 1976 which has been featured in many travel magazines all over the world. This is most likely the most famous Silver Gallery in the Southwest today.

We opened this Silver Gallery in 1976 after John had taken a year off of making his Silver Jewelry to build a Trading Post to house his Silver Jewelry along with his historic antique Native American Indian and old west collection. The business has been successful for the Hartman’s for several decades now and the family will carry it on into the future.

Silver Gallery

Our Silver Gallery online as well as our Trading Post deals exclusively in Sterling Silver Jewelry handmade in the USA by our family along with the Native American Indians of the Southwest. Here, you will find Silver Rings, Silver Earrings, Silver Bracelets, Silver Pendants, Silver Necklaces and much more. One of the major differences with our Silver Jewelry from others is we are very serious about it being authentic. We use Sterling Silver and our specialty is natural American Turquoise from our collection of over 40 years. We have also mined Turquoise for over 40 years with some of the most famous old school miners of the past as well as mined Turquoise from our own mines located in Nevada, USA.

A trip to our Silver Gallery is a trip back it time to present day. We have antique Indian Turquoise Silver Jewelry from the early years of the trade all the way to the most modern contemporary Silver Jewelry that is popular today. Your visit to our Silver Gallery will be one you will not forget and worthwhile to you as you will learn a lot about the Southwest and how the Silver Jewelry industry is such a part of our culture.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on our Silver Gallery and you will read more about us on our Silver Gallery educational page.

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