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Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry

sterling silver bead jewelry Sterling silver bead jewelry is very beautiful and versitile. Sterling silver bead jewelry can have a vintage look to it or a very modern look to it just depending on the patina of the silver and the design of the piece of jewelry. There are many different types of sterling silver bead jewelry from earrings to bracelets to the most popular sterling silver bead necklaces.  Sterling silver bead jewelry is made in almost every country in the world in different forms.  Some of this popular jewelry is made with handmade silver beads such as the famous Bali Silver beads, Thai Hill Tribe Silver Beads, and the Navajo Bench Made Silver Beads.  Most of the sterling silver bead jewelry on the market is made with manufactured silver beads.  Either way sterling silver bead jewelry is popular world wide!

Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry is High Fasion

Navajo Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry

Navajo Sterling Silver Bead Necklace

When you flip through any of the fashion magazines you will see plenty of sterling silver bead jewelry.  You will find sterling silver bead jewelry in Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Cowboys and Indians, and more! One of the most popular ways to wear sterling silver bead jewelry is in layered or multi strand silver bead necklaces.  You will also find many women wearing this bead jewelry as bracelets and as earrings.  This fashion bead jewelry can vary from very fancy layered or multi strand fashions to a single strand of roundel shaped sterling silver bead jewelry.   All women look good in bead jewelry.  Models and tall women especially look good in layered or multi strand bead necklaces.  Men look good in sterling silver bead jewelry as well.  When it comes to men’s fashion and sterling silver bead jewelry most the time you will find they are wearing antiqued or darker finished silver bead bracelets and bead chokers.

How To Wear Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Bead JewelryAs mentioned above Sterling Silver Bead Jewelry can be worn by both men and women.   This bead jewelry can be worn by all body types and ethnic backgrounds of people.  The way you should wear your sterling silver bead jewelry should be determined by your outfit and the build of your body, as well as you sex.  Men should wear a single strand sterling silver bead necklace, but could wear a multi strand or layered sterling silver bead jewelry bracelet.  When it comes to women, they can wear single or multi strand sterling silver bead jewelry where ever they like.  In general you will find that women will wear a single strand sterling silver bead necklace with a button up shirt and multi strand sterling silver bead jewelry with sweaters, turtle necks and t-shirts.