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Mens Band Rings

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Mens Band Rings

Mens Band Rings

Durango Silver Company has been producing Southwestern style Mens Band Rings for nearly forty years by special order. We are now developing a great line of Mens Band Rings that we will have on hand for immediate purchase by our customers for 2012. We are excited as we have many great new Southwestern designs that we are certain our customers will really like and they are made in the USA!

Mens Band Rings – Made in the USA!

We keep hearing over and over how people are tired of seeing the same Silver Jewelry in store after store, on Jewelry TV and on the Internet. It is true as we have been going to a lot of gem shows and Merchandise shows around the country to be abreast of what is in the marketplace – most of what we see available is imports!  As we are moving into the Mens Band Rings business, we wanted to see what was out there available to the public and we see very little artisan made Mens Band Rings.  In fact, all of the Band Rings that we have seen are mass produced cheap junk Jewelry that our customers would not be happy with.

It is encouraging to us to find that there is a niche for us in the Mens Band Rings business and so we are going to go forward and produce this new line from our company. You can look forward to seeing some great new Mens Band Rings, Made in the USA by Durango Silver Company very soon.

Southwestern Style Mens Band Rings

Durango Silver Company is from the Southwestern USA and so our Silver Jewelry has a Southwestern Style and appearance that our customers rely on from our company. We are proud to be able to say our Silver Jewelry as well as our Mens Band Rings are made in the USA and in particular Made in the Southwestern USA.

We hope you will follow our new project and watch for great new Silver Jewelry coming out of the Southwest from Durango Silver Company. You will be excited to see our new Silver Band Rings and our great new Mens Band Rings – Coming Soon!

Silver Band Rings

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Silver Band Rings

Silver Band RingsDurango Silver Company is presently developing a new line of Silver Band Rings  and Wedding Ring Bands. We invite you to come and view our informational pages that we are creating to market our new line and we also invite you to see the new Silver Band Rings as we creat them and put them up online.

As we are certain you are well aware, Silver, Gold and all precious metals are going through the roof – as a result Silver Jewelry is becoming very popular with people who are in vogue. Couples are looking at Silver Wedding Ring Bands instead of Gold and people all over the world are buying Silver Jewelry, more and more every day. We are getting very involved in producing high quality Silver Band Rings from the American Southwest and are persuing every angle of this market.

Silver Band Rings and Global Marketing

Durango Silver Company, located in Durango, Colorado USA has been in business for nearly forty years. Our online store located at is now holds well over 70% of our business. We work daily to promote ourselves on the Internet and we produce and buy Silver Jewelry specifically for our new found marketplace. Silver Band Rings is our newest quest and we are heading strait into this marketplace that we think will be big for our company.

We are in the process of developing our quality Southwest Silver Band Rings and at the same time we are building our marketing stategy online to sell them. We are sharing out techniques with our followers on a daily basis via our blogs and landing pages. We invite you to learn how to build a business on the Internet. You must follow us to get an understanding of how we built our business with natural listings in Google, other Search Engines Globally, Newsgroups, Chat Rooms, Social Sites and more.

Our specialty is Turquoise Jewelry – Go to Google and type in “Turquoise Jewelry” and see where we are listed, that should tell you a lot if you know anything about Internet Marketing.

Silver Band Rings by Durango Silver Company

Silver Band RingsWe are creating a great new line of Silver Band Rings that we will market online. John Hartman who has been making Jewelry for Durango Silver Company, the Fred Harvey Company, Coldwater Creek, The May Company, Zippo Lighter Company of Tokyo and many others is creating this great new line of Silver Band Rings.

Dillon Hartman, John’s son, is the head of marketing our new line on a global scale. Silver Band Rings will be a bread and butter item for our company as we will continue producing high end Turquoise Jewelry which is becoming very rare.

We invite you to follow us and check out the new Silver band Rings as they become available.