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Silver Rings and Bands

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Silver Rings and Bands

Durango Silver Company has produced Silver Jewelry as well as Silver Rings and Bands here in the American Southwest for nearly forty years. Silver Rings and Bands have been a major part of what we have produced for this period of time and for 2012 we are focusing on producing a new line of Silver Ring Bands that you are going to love.

Silver Rings and Bands

Silver Rings and Bands presentation

We have created two new informational pages on Silver Rings and Bands that we think you will appreciate, these pages include photos and a lot of good information on the Ring Bands that we produce as well as other Silver Rings and Bands from the American Southwest that we handle. We invite you to view our pages by following these two links – Silver Rings and Bands Presentation 1 and Silver Rings and Bands Presentation2.

We also invite you to go strait to our Silver Rings and Bands products page if you would like to see what we currently have to offer.

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company

Silver Rings and Bands by Durango Silver Company are unique from any others that you will find in the marketplace. The Rings and Bands that we produce are only sold by our company and you will not find them available anywhere else in the marketplace. We have many Silver Rings available now and we add new Rings daily. We are focusing on Silver Bands this year and working hard to create a very special collection of unique and unusual Silver Bands that you will love.

All of our Silver Rings and Bands are Artisan crafted, made in the USA and are high quality works of art.

We hope you like our Southwestern style of Silver Jewelry and we hope you will think of Durango Silver Company the next time you think of Silver Rings and Bands.

Bands and Rings

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Bands and Rings

Bands and RingsDurango Silver Company is now specializing in Bands and Rings artisan created in Sterling Silver. We have just finished two good informational pages that we think you will appreciate, we invite you to check them out at and Bands and Rings on our main Website.

Bands and Rings by Durango Silver Company

Bands and Rings produced by Durango Silver Company have a  Southwestern  style and are Artisan made in the USA! Our Company has been in business  for nearly forty years producing some of the finest quality  Silver  Bands and Rings coming out of the Southwest region of the United States.  This is a presentation on Bands and Rings  by our company as well as other American Indian  and contemporary artisans that we handle from our immediate region of the Southwest. We invite you to look over these two informational pages. We also invite you to look at what we offer today and into the future as we are continuously adding new Bands and Rings to our collection.

Silver Bands and Rings

The Southwestern regions of the United States have been know for a special style of  Silver Jewelry that is different from any other Jewelry being made in the world. Durango Silver Company is carrying on this tradition in the new line of Band and Rings that they are producing for 2012. We invite you to come back often to see the exciting new Bands and Rings designs that we will be creating throughout this year