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New Silver Ring Band Line | sterling silver ring bands

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Sterling Silver Ring Bands

Hello all,

Native Sterling Silver Ring Bands      We have been working hard on creating a new line of Sterling Silver Ring Bands in all different patterns and sizes.  We have several silver band rings finished that we are proud of located at .

When you go to we will be featuring a new line of plain sterling silver ring bands for 2012.  We are also updating our website with subcategories to make it easier to find different products including our new sterling silver ring bands.  We will be making these sterling silver ring bands in all textures, sizes, and themes.  You will see contemporary designs as well as classics.

Durango Silver Co Sterling Silver Ring Bands

We will be offering a full line of sterling silver ring bands on our website  and in our retail gallery in Durango, Colorado USA.  All of these sterling silver ring bands will be handmade in Durango, Colorado USA.  We will have many of them available in mens and womens sizes so that they can be made for you in wedding ring band sets. We will, as usual, be making our silver band rings heavy duty and built to last.

Keep your eyes peeled to see the new sterling silver ring bands designs as they are put online for sale.

Thank you for reading about our new line of sterling silver ring bands.

Ring Bands

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Ring Bands

Ring Bands

Ring Bands by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company is working on developing a beautiful Ring Band collection from the American Southwest for 2012. We have created two good informational pages on Ring Bands that we think you will appreciate. We invite you to visit our pages and hope you will follow us to see the development of a new business on the Internet – Ring Bands. Visit Ring Bands 1 and Ring Bands 2 pages to see what we are doing and make certain to follow the links to additional pages that we have made that are directly related.

There are many good photos and a lot of great informative text on Ring Bands on these pages that you will enjoy and appreciate – come and check it out and please give us a thumbs up or a Google +1 as it will really help us out in our positioning in Google as well as all of the search engines and directories worldwide.

Ring Bands from the American Southwest

Atsidi Sani learned from the Spaniards

Durango Silver Company is located in the American Southwest and we are proud of our unique designs that are driven from the historic past of this land. In 1865, the Spaniards came through this area in search of Silver and Gold, a Navajo Blacksmith by the name of Atsidi Sani admired the Silver regalia that adorned the Spaniards horses as well as the Silver Ring Bands that they wore.

Many of the Ring Bands that we produce here at Durango Silver Company still have many of the beautiful old characteristics that the early Spaniards left behind them when they taught Atsidi Sani to make Silver Jewelry as well as Ring Bands. The Silver Jewelry that our company makes is unique to ourselves yet it has awesome accents of the early American West Frontier.

Ring Bands from Durango Silver Company

Native American Ring BandsDurango Silver company has been in business producing Silver Jewelry and Ring Bands for may decades. We are proud to be able to say our Jewelry is Artisan crafted and strictly made in the USA. We so produce a style of Jewelry that has a definite appearance that is warm and enchanting to many, we invite you to check out our Jewelry and we especially hope you will take a look at our Ring Bands.

Wedding Ring Bands

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Wedding Ring Bands
Wedding Ring Bands

Durango Silver is in the process of developing a line of Ring Bands and Wedding Ring Bands. We have just created two different promotional page on Wedding Ring Bands that will be up in the Search Engines by the time we have created a nice line of Wedding Ring Bands for individuals that are considering Wedding Ring Bands on the Internet.

We invite you to view our new Website located at as well as our new informational page on For those of you who are watching our strategies on building a new market on the Internet, I am sure you see the connection, right?

The Wedding Ring Bands Market

Wedding Ring Bands hold a major share of the Jewelry market. In recent years Gold Wedding Ring Bands accounted for over 90% of the Wedding Ring Bands Market, today the market is rapidly changing as the value of precious metals are going through the roof. Many individuals are choosing Silver Wedding Ring Bands over Gold and other non-prescious metals are being used for Wedding Rings as well.

As a result of this changing market, Durango Silver Company is in the process of developing a line of Silver Wedding Ring Bands that we expect to be a great success for our company. We have been making many special order Ring Bands in the past, many of them Wedding Ring Sets, however, now we are going to add a major line of Silver Wedding Ring Bands that prospective customers will be able to purchase on the spot, no special ordering.

Wedding Ring Bands made in the USA

Durango Silver Company produces Silver Jewelry as well as Wedding Ring Bands made in the USA. We have a special style that is unique to our company that we believe will be accepted by the public, having a unique style as well as being made in the USA will certainly be an asset as well.

We hope you will check out our new informational pages on Wedding Ring Bands  and we also hope you will remember us when someone you know is about to get married and may want to consider a Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Band.