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Trader to the Navajo

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

John Hartman in his younger years as an Indian TraderTrader to the Navajo – I had spent weeks at a time out on the Navajo Reservation hunting for antiques and old Navajo Turquoise Jewelry from 1970 – 1986. The Navajo Reservation was still very undeveloped at that time, however, the days of the old time Indian Trading Posts were coming to an end. A modernization movement was underway, schools being built, Trading Posts turning into 7/11 type stores and the Natives were being campaigned to upgrade thier lives into the 20th century.

I was interested in the old west and the cultures of the Navajo Indian people. I also had a Trading Post in Durango that I needed stock for so I often went out on the reservation to visit and trade with the Navajo people as well as the old Trading Posts that were going out of business one after another.

I have written a good story with photos and would love to share it with you, view Trader to the Navajo now.