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Quality Silver Jewelry

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Quality Silver JewelryQuality Silver Jewelry

Duango Silver Company has been in the the same location for nearly forty years producing quality Silver Jewelry. As we are located in Durango, Colorado we are in the heart of the Southwest where Southwestern Silver Jewelry has been being made for a long time. Southwestern Silver Jewelry is well known worldwide and our business produces quality silver jewelry with a southwestern accent or style.

Quality Silver Jewelry is different than standard production silver jewelry that you will find in department stores, typical tourist stores, cut rate web sites, flea markets and other marketers that are working in a highly competitive market. There is literally tons of mass produced, machine made Silver Jewelry that is intended for certain type of buyers and this is a good market and Silver Jewelry in this class is in great demand, however, this jewelry is mass produced and millions of copies are made to be distributed around the world. We do not make or handle this type of Silver Jewelry, we produce handcrafted, artisan made quality Silver Jewelry that is unique and one of a kind pieces of Jewelry Art.

Quality Silver Jewelry from Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company produces quality Silver Jewelry that is totally made in the USA by Native American Artisans and professional Contemporary Southwestern Silversmiths from Durango, Colorado. We produce quality Silver Rings, Silver Earrings, Silver Bracelets, Silver Pendants, Silver Necklaces and many other types of quality silver Jewelry items. We specialize in high quality American Turquoise as we own several Turquoise Mines in Nevada and have collected rare Turquoise for over 40 years. Durango Silver Company produces some of the finest quality Silver Jewelry with high grade Turquoise coming out of the Southwest today.

Quality Silver Jewelry with American Turquoise

Silver Turquoise Jewelry from the Southwestern United States is world reknown as a style of Silver Jewelry that is unique and unusual from this region of the world. Turquoise and Silver Jewelry began in the Southwest when Atsidi Sani learned the trade from the Spaniards in the mid 1860’s, Atsidi Sani created the first Navajo Silver Jewelry which was of this Southwestern style and it quickly became so popular that he taught other Navajo’s to become Silversmiths to help fill the desires of this great new market.  Atsidi Sani as well as many new Navajo Silversmiths worked hard to produce quality Silver Jewelry as well as quality Silver and Turquoise Jewelry from those days forward. Today, there is a giant market for Turquoise and Silver Jewelry and many of the buyers collect the highest quality Silver Jewelry for investment and it beauty.

quality silver jewelry

Durango Silver Company produce some of the finest quality Silver Jewelry in the Southwest and we cordually invite you to visit our online store located at and if you area in the Durango area we hope you will stop in our historical Trading Post. When you think of quality Silver Jewelry – Think of Durango Silver Company!

Indian Jewelry

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Navajo Indian JewelryNative American Indian Jewelry is unique from any other Silver Jewelrymade elsewhere in the world. The Navajo are world famous for their extensive Silver Stamp work.

Their stampwork is done by scribing  guide lines in the Silver with a pair of dividers. Once this is done they use stamping tools made our of old files or steel that can be tempered and use a heavy hammer to stamp the designs in deep into the Silver.

Most Navajo Silversmithsmake their own stamps by softening the steel by using a torch and heating the metal red hot and letting it cool down slowly. They then use small files to file the designs into the steel. Once they have the stamp the way they want it, they harden the steel by heating up red hot again and then when the metal is just the right temperature, they quench it in oil or cold water.

Navajo Indian Jewelry with stampwork is unusual and collectible. Check our our Navajo Silversmith  page.

Navajo Indian Jewelry

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Navajo Indian Jewelry– Durango Silver Company have been Traders to the Navajo for nearly forty years and we have dealt in Navajo Indian Jewelry for that long as well. We have been very involved with the Navajo American IndiansNavajo Arts as well as the Navajo artists themselves.

We have worked with the Navajo Artists to produce Navajo Belt Buckles, Navajo Bolo Ties, Navajo Concho Belts, Navajo Bracelets, Navajo Earrings and many other Navajo Crafts. We have produced Navajo Indian Jewellery in-house with Navajo Silversmiths employed by us such as Navajo Cuff Bracelets, Navajo Dream Catchers, Navajo Turquoise Mens Rings and more. We have worked on Navajo Designs with the artists and have been heavily involved with the Navajo Artisans.

Durango Silver Company is still active with the Navajo Indiansand their Silver Jewelry as well as their Turquoise Jewelry. We have recently been cutting Bisbee Turquoise for a group of Navajo Artisans to help them sell more Jewelry at the upcoming Heard Museum Indian Arts Show in March. The Navajo Jewelry Artists have been having a hard time as Silver has gone up dramatically and the Indian Traders have not been paying them well for their Jewelry.