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Navajo Indian Jewelry

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Navajo Indian Jewelry– Durango Silver Company have been Traders to the Navajo for nearly forty years and we have dealt in Navajo Indian Jewelry for that long as well. We have been very involved with the Navajo American IndiansNavajo Arts as well as the Navajo artists themselves.

We have worked with the Navajo Artists to produce Navajo Belt Buckles, Navajo Bolo Ties, Navajo Concho Belts, Navajo Bracelets, Navajo Earrings and many other Navajo Crafts. We have produced Navajo Indian Jewellery in-house with Navajo Silversmiths employed by us such as Navajo Cuff Bracelets, Navajo Dream Catchers, Navajo Turquoise Mens Rings and more. We have worked on Navajo Designs with the artists and have been heavily involved with the Navajo Artisans.

Durango Silver Company is still active with the Navajo Indiansand their Silver Jewelry as well as their Turquoise Jewelry. We have recently been cutting Bisbee Turquoise for a group of Navajo Artisans to help them sell more Jewelry at the upcoming Heard Museum Indian Arts Show in March. The Navajo Jewelry Artists have been having a hard time as Silver has gone up dramatically and the Indian Traders have not been paying them well for their Jewelry.