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Silver Earrings

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Silver Earrings

silver earringsDurango Silver Company produces a wide variety of Silver Earrings to be marketed in both of our Silver Galleries, our online store and our Silver Gallery located in Durango Colorado USA. The pair of Silver Earrings you see on the left are a pair of Navajo Indian handmade Silver Earrings with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise gemstones. We have a very large selection of Silver and Turquoise Earrings as Silver Turquoise Jewelry is one of our specialties.

Silver Earrings Educational Page

We have created a new educational page on Silver Earrings that we think is a great presentation for our customers to learn about the type of Earrings we produce and handle. On this page you will find great information as well as photos of Earrings and descriptions of what is shown on the photos. This page also has several links that go to educational pages related to Silver Earrings.

We have created many educational pages on the Jewelry we produce as well as on subjects directly related to Southwestern Silver Jewelry. We invite you to view  these pages by following the links we provide in the website. Check out our Learning Center for a directory of educational pages as well as our Silver Jewelry page and our Silver Earrings page.

Silver Earrings by Durango Silver Company

Durango Silver Company has been in the Silver Jewelry business for nearly 40 years here in Durango, Colorado USA, all of the Jewelry that we sell in our online store as well as our Silver Gallery located in Durango are handmade in the USA. A large  share of the Earrings that we produce are set with authentic quality Turquoise and Gemstones in a Southwestern style of silverwork. We make stud earrings, dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, beaded earrings and many others in multiple styles, shapes and colors.

We invite you to visit our new page on Silver Earrings now!