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Authentic Silver Mens Rings

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A Little About Authentic Silver Mens Rings

Authentic Silver Mens RingsThroughout history men have worn authentic silver mens rings as a status symbol, a commitment to love, and to reflect one’s personal style. Native American tribes did not typically smelt metal for jewelry; therefore, men’s rings, including authentic silver mens rings and men’s Turquoise rings, were not an ancient custom for many native peoples. However, they did have ceremonial jewelry and authentic jewelry to symbolize their relations. Symbolism includes tribal distinctions, geographic elements, and personal symbols to make the authentic silver mens rings especially meaningful and to honor an individual’s heritage and cultural connections.  This tradition has passed on, especially with the high price of gold, authentic silver mens rings are more and more becoming symbols and wedding rings.

Authentic Silver Mens Rings with Turquoise

turquoise authentic silver mens ringsSome of these authentic silver mens rings that are being made with gemstones including Turquoise. Today many men are choosing sterling silver ring for wedding rings, class rings, and other important memorial symbols. With the price of gold soaring towards $2000.00 per oz and possibly higher, silver mens rings are becoming increasingly popular.  One of the most popular styles of silver rings today is the Turquoise and silver ring.  It is getting hard day to day to find an authentic silver mens ring with real Turquoise in it. Most of the mens silver and turquoise rings out there have fake turquoise in them. This is where we can help.

Authentic Silver Mens Rings by Durango Silver Company

You will find the largest selection of authentic silver mens rings in the widest range of sizes and styles at Durango Silver Company.  At Durango Silver Company we specialize in the rare and unusual, as well as American handmade jewelry.  The Hartman family creates approx. 80% of the authentic silver mens rings that we sell on our website and in our jewelry gallery in Durango, Colorado USA.  We carry authentic silver mens rings with Turquoise and other gemstones as well as plain silver authentic silver mens rings.  We make these authentic silver mens rings in many different styles including band rings.  We are sure if you take a gander you will find the perfect authentic silver ring for you and if not we custom make authentic silver mens rings.

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Quality Silver Mens Rings

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Quality Silver Mens Rings

Quality silver mens rings are one of our specialties here at Durango Silver Company. We have a large collection of American handmade quality silver mens rings including high quality Turquoise mens rings, quality gemstone mens rings, and plain silver mens rings.  At Durango Silver Co. we make quality silver mens rings in all sizes up to a size 22!

High Quality Silver Mens Rings

Quality Silver Mens RingsThere is a big difference between quality silver mens rings and low end silver mens rings.  A high quality silver mens ring will last much longer than a low quality silver mens ring.  Most of the time you will find  high quality silver mens rings will be made of thicker sterling silver, will have cleaner lines, and a classier look than  low quality silver men’s rings.  High quality silver mens rings are made by many designers world wide.  You can find quality silver mens rings wherever you travel, but you will usually need to find a small local jeweler or family jewelry in the area you are traveling or living in to get a truely high quality silver ring.  Most silver jewelry collectors world wide consider handmade sterling silver jewelry to much more valueable than mass produced silver jewelry.  Most of the time a small jewelry or family jewelry company is not trying to make price point quality silver mens rings, they are rather trying to make  high quality silver mens rings that they themselves would be proud to wear. When it comes to quality silver mens rings, you should always remember the saying “The bitterness of low quality lasts long after the sweetness of a good deal is forgotten”.

Low Quality Silver Mens Rings

Low quality silver mens rings are much easier to find then high quality silver mens rings. Infact, these low quality mens silver rings are almost not worth discussing.  Most of the silver jewelry you will find on the market to day is low quality and is mass produced, often thousands of the same design is molded and made over and over.  These low quality silver mens rings are thinner silver, nickel silver, or pot metal coated with sterling silver.  The reason these low quality silver mens rings are so common is that they are an impulse buy.  These low quality silver mens rings are not worth the low amount of money you will spend on one. You will end up buying a high quality silver mens ring in the long run to replace the low quality silver mens ring you purchased, thus spending more money then if you would have bought one of the high quality silver mens rings in the first place. If you want to see a lot of low quality silver mens rings, just surf the internet and look for the cheapest silver mens rings you can find.

Silver Rings by Durango Silver Co.

Fashion Silver RIngRings are a great choice when buying sterling silver jewelry for yourself or as jewelry gifts for others. At Durango Silver we have a great selection of quality sterling silver rings and bands in an array of colors, shapes, styles and sizes. From a plain sterling silver wedding band to an eye-catching Turquoise cocktail ring, we’ll help you find the right silver ring for any occasion.  Find the best selection of Sterling Silver Rings on the web here at  We have quality mens silver rings and high fashion silver rings for women.  We have large sterling silver mens rings and petite sterling silver rings for women.  We specialize in gemstone silver jewelry, however we make a large line of plain silver jewelry including silver wedding bands, cocktail rings, and more.

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